LOOK! Live, Renato Marafon talks about the beginnings of CinePOP and the social importance of cinema



Journalist and editor-in-chief of CinePOP, Renato Marafon, participates today (11/11), at 8:30 p.m., in an exclusive live on cinema and behind the scenes of the seventh art, on the YouTube channel of Etec José Martimiano da Silva.

With the theme “Cinema and Its Social Significance”, Marafon will discuss how he launched the site 21 years ago, bringing Hollywood behind the scenes and how the film industry is helping to raise social causes like the recent “Me Too” , a commitment that has inspired thousands of people. of people breaking the silence against sexual abuse and harassment.

Watch Live, which also has the presence of Professor Odair Ribeiro Filho:

Marafon interviewed actress Angelina Jolie about the feature film “Eternos” and touched on important themes such as the gay kiss which has gone viral on more than 50 international and national websites.

The cinema being an extremely important space for analyzing the history of nations and also for understanding the critiques of each era, talking about the subject is extremely important.

Enjoy watching:

“” Cinema is a soul. And we are more emotional and sad than ever. The chic thing these days is to have sanity. The joy is having a conference like this and discussing the importance of the seventh art brings immense joy and responsibility to us, ”said Etec Director Silvania Soares da Silva Santos.

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