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“Look left” and nominate Bertolaso ​​to well-being



Letizia Moratti, Attilio Fontana - Picture by Ansa FotoLetizia Moratti, Attilio Fontana – Picture by Ansa Foto

“Faced with the breakdown of the relationship of trust with President Attilio Fontana, I am announcing the decision to hand over the powers of Vice-President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region”. So Letizia Moratti in a note.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the early reinstatement of non-Vax physicians

The reason, explains the press release, is also due to “contradictory measures on the fight against the Covid pandemic: on the one hand the obligation to wear a mask in hospitals and the rsa, following the line of the experts of the room of control, but on the other hand the advance of the reinstatement of unvaccinated health workers, the amnesty on fines and the different sensitivity on the importance of vaccines”, which according to Moratti are “three emblematic examples of a different political framework.

Fontana: “Moratti looks to the left”

According to the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, now a former vice-president, looks to the left: “The doubts that I had expressed on the political positioning of Letizia Moratti were well founded. It is clear that he is looking to the left and not from today, ”he explains after his resignation.

Bertolaso ​​to welfare instead of Moratti

Fontana wasted no time, immediately replacing the former Minister of Education with Guido Bertolaso ​​​​: “We proceed immediately to the appointment of a social adviser who deals, without political distractions, exclusively with the needs of the citizens, starting with interventions on the waiting lists. For this reason, after having informed the leaders of the center-right, I have decided to entrust the delegation of well-being to Dr. Guido Bertolaso, protagonist of the campaign of vaccination in Lombardy and a deep connoisseur of the Lombard health system”.

Sala: “There was no more trust”

For the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, the resignation of Letizia Moratti “was something I expected. Moratti did what Fontana did not have the courage to do, which was to recognize that there was no longer any trust”.

Calenda: ‘For Moratti there will be room in the future in regional or national politics’

“Letizia Moratti had the courage to resign from the bad government of Attilio Fontana. Moratti did a great job during the vaccination campaign, which was previously an unworthy chaos for a large European region. I am sure that in the future he will be able to make a positive contribution to regional or national politics”. Thus Carlo Calenda, leader of the Third Pole, in a note. To echo, Mariastella Gelmini, deputy national secretary and spokesperson for Action: “Letizia Moratti’s decision to resign from her position as Vice-President and Welfare Councilor of the Lombardy Region shows coherence and courage “.

De Marco (M5S): “Fontana also resigns”

The Five Star Movement of Lombardy is also asking Fontana to resign: “After today’s events, we believe that this disastrous government experiment must end. We await the resignation of President Fontana, discouraged at the head of an inactive junta blocked by the flight of advisers to Parliament,” writes the leader of the Lombard group Nicola De Marco in a note.

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