Loki | What is TVA, the new organization of the show?



Created by Walter Simonson and Sal Buscema, in September 1986, in a Thor magazine, the TVA (Time Variance Authority), or Time Variance Authority, is an agency that satirizes the traditional work desks that appear in the distant future for interference from monitors in reality. and in the countless chronologies of the Multiverse. A key piece in Loki’s series, she captures the cheating god (Tom Hiddleston) to be punished after causing a real mess in the timeline of different realities. It is founded by the Keepers of Time, super powerful entities, which keep the organization fully operational. Its function is to observe them, correct them and prevent them from making drastic changes or destroying the timeline in question.

To better understand how TVA works, it’s like the department of Lineu (Marco Nanini), A Grande Família, where there are several employees who are barely shown and there are tons of bureaucracy. However, instead of investigating cases of health watch violators, they monitor and punish the violators with reality and time. And it is precisely this dynamic of having a subject as serious as the future of a world debated as if it were a call for tenders to renovate a sidewalk that makes this organization so interesting. In the comics, the look was rather futuristic, with lots of screens and buttons, while the series uses this more retro approach to give it more identification.

The series puts more emphasis on Agent Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), who in the comics is a selfish, detail-oriented manager who goes out of his way to prove his worth to a boss who doesn’t show up. and does not seek promotions within VAT. Its most famous case is precisely the pursuit of the Fantastic Four in one of its countless interdimensional journeys. However, in the series, he is less Caxias and believes that Loki is a key player in solving the multiverse crisis. Whatever the version, he occupies a prestigious position. And he’s not the only one, so there is some expectation that other officials higher up in the hierarchy, like Mr. Paradox, will show up throughout the episodes.

Another very interesting part that exists in the comics are the Chronomonitors, more “ordinary” employees who float in their invisible cabins and serve as great observers of everything that happens in other timelines. They represent generic workers in the eyes of the boss. So they don’t even have a face. Another characteristic of them is their total dedication to their work, as they associate themselves with the creation of new realities. That is, when a new timeline is “born”, a new Chronomonitor is also “born”. It is a very different case of judges, who are indisputable authorities who answer only to creators.

In the comics, society’s “cops” are clones who meet a higher rank called Justice. In the series, it must be the Hunters, who are categorized by letters and numbers instead of names, as is the case with Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), who will accompany Loki on her missions. The point is, Comic Book TVA needs to be overcome with a more interesting approach in the MCU, gaining much more relevance than in the comics and being a big part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as kind of interdimensional SHIELD, and gain a lot of charisma.

Loki debuts this Wednesday (9) on Disney +

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