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Between actor Lino Guanciale and presenter Alfonso Signorini there is “war”: this is what happened.

Without a doubt, Lino Guanciale and Alfonso Signorini are two well-known men in the world of television. The first is a successful actor, who works mainly in Rai, while the second worked for many years in reporting and for about ten years he passed in front of the cameras, becoming a television presenter. But what is the relationship between the two? And why do we speak of “war”? Here is what happened.

Luca Guanciale and Alfonso Signorini – Solocine.it

The actor is from Abruzzo and started acting after high school. After enrolling in literature at La Sapienza University in Rome, in fact, he understood that it was not his path and shortly after he entered the Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D’ Amico, where he graduated in 2003. From there he mainly acted in theatre, but then he also moved on to television.

The conductor, on the other hand, followed a very different path. He graduated in Classical Literature and Philosophy and for a few years he also taught at a classical high school in Milan. He then turned to journalism, specializing in gossip, and is now editor of the weekly Chi. Moreover, he also got into television work and today his most famous program is undoubtedly Big Brother Vip.

But what happened between the two?

Lino Guanciale wins against Alfonso Signorini

We talk about their work. In recent weeks, Lino Guanciale and Alfonso Signorini have been very present on the small screen, since they are working on two very important projects. The actor is the protagonist of the Survivors fiction, broadcast weekly on Rai1, while the showman is struggling with the making of Big Brother Vip on Canale5.

Alfonso Signorini – Solocine.it

The two programs are broadcast on Monday evenings and are therefore in competition, since they belong to two different schedules. But who won last time? As amp.today.it reports, last Monday the victory went to Lino Guanciale, with 2,830,000 viewers and a share of 14.18%, in the first episode, and 2,364,000 equal to a share of 14, 57% in the second. Alfonso Signorini, on the other hand, achieved a slightly lower result: 2,501,000 viewers and a share of 19.70%. In third place was placed Tonight everything is possible, broadcast on Rai 2, with 1,747,000 viewers and a share of 11.27%. Who knows how next week will go? We will see.

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