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Leonardo DiCaprio | 30 years of film career – 10 films that show all the star’s talent



46-year-old Californian, highly influential environmental activist, nominated for more than 200 career awards, one of Hollywood’s most profitable actors. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous names when you think of the great personalities in the world of cinema. Owner of unforgettable performances, some in iconic films, the actor who has starred in more than 50 productions throughout his career, began his trajectory on the big screen, in 1991, in the film Creatures 3 directed by filmmaker Kristine Peterson.

To celebrate 30 years of acting career in cinema, we decided to create a list with impressive works when you think of acting. Anyone who doesn’t think DiCaprio is a great actor may be suffering from severe cinematic myopia!

Before you get revenge, dig two graves. After the almost unbelievable Birdman, Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu returned to the big screen to direct the incredible The Revenant, a film that won the first Oscar in the career of great actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The project has countless qualities: a grandiose feature film (in every way), with beautiful sets, great acting and photography that borders on the spectacular. Without a doubt, Iñárritu’s electrifying camera increases the quality of the footage, turning the experience of watching this film into something epic. A performance of body and soul by Di Caprio. He deserves his first and long-awaited Oscar. Over the years, he has become one of the best actors of his generation. In O Regresso, he captures the audience’s attention with all the suffering, emotional and physical, of his impressive character.

This film that everyone knows! On a voyage on what was once the largest ship ever built (Titanic), Rose (Kate Winslet) is a young, high society rebel who is set to marry her ambitious, boring and wealthy fiance Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley (Billy Zane). Disillusioned and depressed aboard the Titanic, she tries to kill herself but is saved by a young man, so she meets Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), a nomad, designer, adventurer who won his ship at a poker table a few minutes before. the start of his journey. After many pleasant encounters, Rose falls in love with the boy. Social differences cause a lot of opposition to the relationship that arises, besides the fact that this new relationship was a betrayal that happened in the eyes of the enraged groom. In this endless sea of ​​confusion, the famous tragic accident takes place and transforms the film into a drama of unique proportions with unforgettable performances by Winslet and DiCaprio. The latter had been absurdly forgotten by Oscar.

the wolf of Wall Street

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Where does greed take you when the world becomes a land without limits? Speaking of modern-day capitalist ambition, harshly criticizing the stock market, the exceptional American filmmaker Martin Scorsese returns to work with his dearest pupil, Leonardo Di Caprio, in the already acclaimed The Wolf of Wall Street. Based on the eponymous book written by Jordan Belfort, the film achieves the perfect formula by being dynamic and exciting without losing a moment of sparkle. It’s the quickest three hours you’ll experience in a movie theater wanting more. Leonardo Di Caprio once again shows the great actor he has become over the years alongside his master. He goes out of his way and impossible to win his first Oscar (it wasn’t this time), sucking and replicating every facet of his rich persona. The duo succeed again, transforming a possible boring and obnoxious character into a limitless charismatic being that audiences will take to forget.

When love dominates your future. Once again, Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann (of the spectacular Moulin Rouge – Love in Red) takes us into a romantic fable (based on the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald), delicately well narrated, made up of thought-provoking characters and which entertain audiences with its humorous dialogues and deep dramas. The Great Gatsby is about the fulfillment of a dream, a millionaire’s wish, hidden under lock and key. When the audience understands the meaning of the characters’ actions, when the mysteries fall one by one, they find themselves in an unforgettable experience. Leonardo DiCaprio is an ace to appear in the middle of the movies and almost steal the show (or steal). The actor improves with each feature film and there is no doubt that he has become a great artist of his generation. The last sequences of your character are sensational. Anyone who doesn’t think DiCaprio is a great actor may be suffering from severe cinematic myopia!

Intense, violent and liberating. The work of famous action filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, Django Livre, among others, is a rescue of a genre forgotten by many that, in the hands of this talented filmmaker, becomes an unforgettable film. Amid bloodthirsty shoots and stunning scenery, Tarantino shows off his unique talent, a genius at entertaining crowds and getting audiences to see all of his films more than once. Leonardo DiCaprio excels as villainous Calvin Candie. Intense and brutally explosive, the character commands the scenes at the end of the plot.

One of the most unforgettable films of the career of a director who has thousands of followers. With an electrifying script, Christopher Nolan left moviegoers around the world (minus some members of the famous Academy / Oscar, who did not name the creator of this great work in the Best Director category) in awe of this shoot. With a focus on memories and the corners of our minds where we keep our greatest secrets, DiCaprio joins an excellent cast causing an ending that generates controversy and interpretations to this day. Without a doubt, one of the most ingenious projects in which DiCaprio has participated. Deep and with action all the time.

This feature film directed by Steven Spielberg has filled many cinemas around the world. A very entertaining film which tells the true story of a young American who managed to deceive many people by taking the names and personalities of others, driving crazy an FBI task force to try to stop this thug who has used his charm to get what he wanted. The Tom Hanks / DiCaprio double worked really well, they complement each other on stage. One of the funniest films of DiCaprio’s career even if it is a dense drama if we go deeper into the project.

A feature film set in the mid-1950s, full of suspense, which shows the links of an investigation and a psychiatric hospital. A very interesting work by the ingenious Martin Scorsese who presents us with a superb work of Leonardo DiCaprio in an extremely difficult role in this breathtaking project. Too bad the film didn’t have a lot of support from specialist critics and failed to make it into the many awards the year it was released. Too bad, he deserved to be better recognized. In this film, DiCaprio works alongside the great Mark Ruffalo.

Gilbert Grape – The Dreaming Apprentice

Closing your eyes and dreaming can be the beginning of leaving a place that is going around in circles. The year the Brazilian soccer team won the World Cup in the United States, Gilbert Grape – A Dreamer’s Apprentice, directed by filmmaker Lasse Hallström, hit theaters there and around the world. The film is about the conflicts of a protagonist at the epicenter of problems without knowing exactly what to do with his future. The script seeks tenderness in melancholy, thus seeking to objectify the reasons and emotions within the premise that there are many beautiful ways of seeing love. This exciting work earned Leonardo DiCaprio the first Oscar nomination.

In an age of information is power, Clint Eastwood is leading the way in showing us the life and most significant achievement of FBI creator J. Edgar Hoover. Little by little, we are going through the great facts of American history. Impulsive and often unwieldy, J. Edgar is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The obsession with the work and the ideas created for it, in addition to other characteristics, deserved to be adapted to the big screen. But was it worth it? For DiCaprio’s acting game, yes! It’s a very safe and convincing performance. The artist masterfully takes up the gestures and the manner of speaking of this troubled character of American history. The personification of his mother, dressed in the clothes of the one who has always been his faithful companion, is a defining moment in the history of the character.

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