Learning with Art De Vivre: Which French Actors You Need to Know?



Top rates and classifications are the tendency now – everyone wants to see what positions things and people take in rates according to different parameters and reviewers. This article refers to one such rate – the top 10 famous French actors that strongly influenced or changed the cinema industry. Would you like to know?

French Cinema And Theater Stars to Impress Your Imagination

The names below belong to different ages of cinema development – some are widely known to the modern viewer, and others were bustling when cinema was only at the beginning of its development. For example, among the names you may recognize by the pieces of the modern age, there are the following:

  • Alain Delon – the man appearance idol of the time and the founder of Delon’s method of taking the honorarium;
  • Gérard Depardieu – an actor considered the masculinity symbol and widely known for his recent political behavior;
  • Jean Reno – one of the youngest actors presented in the list, and the easiest one to recognize;
  • Louis de Funès – one of the best comedy actors that remains as iconic in the French cinema as Jim Carrey is in America.

These are just the four out of ten actors listed to be the best in French cinema. Learn others’ names and all actors’ creative paths from the beginning, throughout time, and till the end (if a career is ended). Read in the Art De Vivre magazine by the link above.

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