Le Paradis des Dames, the beloved character will say goodbye: the spoiler for today’s episode



There is sensational anticipation of what will happen today in Il Paradiso delle Signore, the all-Italian soap opera airing on Rai

Twist the scene in today’s episode, Friday November 4, of Il Paradiso delle Signore. Juicy previews are coming as to what will happen in the episode that Rai Uno will air in the usual afternoon schedule.

Ladies paradise (web source)

The soap opera, set in 1960s Milan, will see a complex sentimental situation evolve, starring three beloved characters. That is to say the bartender Salvatore, the saleswoman Anna and the resurrected Quinto, husband of the latter who has been missing in recent seasons.

Quintus’ return to the Paradis des Dames changes everything. Salvo will understand, during an intense scene in his bar, how much Anna Imbriani is still linked to Quinto, given for dead and now sensationally reappeared after a thousand adventures.

Anna and Salvatore’s choice: the character will forever say goodbye to the Ladies’ Paradise

The twist is sensational. It will be Salvatore, as a man of honor from the south, who will understand how impossible it is for him to compete with the return of his beloved Quinto. The character played by Giovanni Caccamo remained in Anna’s heart for a long time.

Salvo is going to take a big step back and push his current partner to come back with Quinto because he’s aware he’s out of luck. A gesture of great generosity on the part of the young bartender who will effectively materialize the farewell of Anna Imbriani from the Paradis des Dames. The adored character will indeed follow Quinto and leave his place in the Milanese department store. Anna and Salvo from Ladies Paradise (web source)

Not just the love triangle I just described. In this afternoon’s episode of Il Paradiso delle Signore, there will be a clash between the two strong men of the series. Dispute between Vittorio Conti and Umberto Guarnieri.

Blame it on Vittorio (played by Alessandro Tersigni), who decided to help Marco and publish his scoop article on the Vajont tragedy. On the contrary, the Commendatore Umberto had previously opposed it, because he had considered illegal the methods by which the chronicler would have obtained information on the news item.

Like every day (Monday to Friday) Il Paradiso delle Signore will be broadcast today at 4:05 p.m. on the first channel.

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