Le Paradis des Dames, is it closing? The fans are desperate



The success of beloved fiction Il Paradiso delle Signore is obvious, but it may demand a major programming shake-up in November.

Sharing heights and unprecedented success for Il Paradiso delle Signore, a Rai 1 fiction. However, sometimes success is not enough. The fiction, which takes place in the great and famous warehouse of Milan in the sixties, despite the success of the new episodes, could suffer a forced stop due to a timetable revolution for the whole month of November and December.

Stop for “Ladies’ Paradise”?

Il Paradiso delle Signore 7, produced by Aurora TV for Rai Fiction, is now in its seventh season. The series, after two seasons in prime time, arrives during the day, Monday to Friday at 3:55 p.m., with episodes of around fifty minutes.

Incredible success for Paradis des Dames 7

A resounding success for the seventh season of Il Paradiso delle Signore recording very high share peaks which reached 22% with approximately 1.8 million viewers. The plot develops full of twists and turns. like Gloria’s release from prison thanks to the hard fight led by her daughter Stefania. Gloria will work closely with her ex Ezio, from whom she intends to separate by asking for the annulment of the marriage to allow him to marry his current girlfriend named Veronica. A triangle that promises to reserve beautiful emotions for the public. A sudden change will invest the character of Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo, who will oppose in every way the relationship between Umberto Guarnieri and Flora Gentile Ravasi. Adelaide will devote her attention to a charming new suitor.

Why the (unfair) closure in November?

Stunning numbers for Rai 1’s fictional Il Paradiso delle Signore, but sometimes that’s not enough. Despite the ratings records, there are bigger commitments that will see the TV network busy, having to make choices (and sacrifices) in scheduling. In November, in fact, the Qatar 2022 World Cup will begin and live matches (at least the most important matches) will be broadcast, very often at the same time before dedicated to Paradise. It will therefore be inevitable that the soap opera will suffer a forced shutdown for a few weeks, but it is not certain that it will disappear completely from the schedules.

Forced stop for ladies paradise – Solocine.it

Most likely, the soap opera will simply undergo a time change, leaving the time slot unchanged in case there are no games to play at that time. Nothing certain at the moment.

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