Le Paradis des dames advances, skip everything: Umberto is shocked



The next episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore will see a shocked Umberto Guarnieri, given that his plan is skipped: the previews.

Many Rai viewers are eagerly awaiting new episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore. The great protagonist of the next episodes will be Umberto Guarnieri who will be shocked: what will happen.

Umberto Guarnieri absolute protagonist of the next episodes (via WebSource)

The events of the soap opera Il Paradiso delle Signore continue. This time, the twists will concern Umberto Guarnieri and Flora Ravasi. Indeed, following the latest advances on the next episodes of Il Paradiso, we learn that Adelaide (Vanessa Gravina) will publicly praise Maria in front of the whole Club to embarrass the young designer. This time, however, the Commendatore will take it upon himself to side with Ravasi. Indeed, he will try to convince Baroness Foppa to attack Puglisi so that his beloved can have carte blanche in Paradise.

Tele Più has taken care to spoil what is about to happen. In fact, the weekly reads: “Umberto does not know, however, that there is a man who can spoil his plan, for the heart cannot be commanded”. In reality, Maria and Flora are just a pretext for Umberto (Roberto Farnesi) and Adelaide (Vanessa Gravina) to go to war. The countess will indeed not have a great interest in the young Puglisi but is kind and generous with her to discredit her rival. Let’s discover in detail all the previews on the new episodes of the soap opera.

The ladies’ paradise, great protagonist of Umberto: what will happen

Ladies’ Paradise 7, an image from the set of the new season of the soap opera with Umberto Guarnieri (Roberto Farnesi) in the foreground (Instagram photo).

As progress is made on the new episodes of the soap opera, we learn that Flora will have difficulty making her creations appreciable, meeting the dissatisfaction of both Vittorio (Alessandro Tersigni) and Matilde (Chiara Baschetti). On the contrary, Maria will be a budding ribbon in the workshop. But once again, Umberto will reshuffle the cards on the table. The man’s plan, however, will be hindered by a mysterious man whose identity is still unknown.

Finally, according to the latest spoilers of the soap opera broadcast from Monday to Friday around 4:05 p.m. on Rai1, he will also be seen as Vito (Elia Tedesco) who will be hired as an accountant at the department store while Salvatore (Emanuel Caserio) will be distressed at not being able to enter in touch with Anna (Giulia Vecchio). Finally Marcello (Pietro Masotti) and Armando (Pietro Genuardi) will investigate and will be worth a disconcerting discovery. There is so much good news to come in the soap opera.

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