LDA Albe Amici Cado new song: meaning and new projects



A collaboration born by chance, but certainly the fruit of a great friendship that was created between Albe and LDA during their experience at Amici. Indeed, for the first time after the talent show, the two artists have decided to give life to an unprecedented collaboration on the notes of Cado, the new single released on November 11th.

Very young, full of dreams and ambitions for their careers, Albe and LDA are now part of the circle of protagonists of the new Italian urban pop scene. It is a complicity that is born outside the recording studio, but which also extends into the artistic panorama. And that’s why the two singers decided to collaborate on the new single released for Columbia Records / Sony Music Italy on November 11th.

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Cado is a love song in which Albe and LDA were able to combine their thoughts and opinions on this theme. A song born by chance, during a live Instagram and which encouraged them to continue their experimentation, to go further and to shape what will be another success of their young career and which is already among the most listened to songs on Spotify.

Friends and accomplices in the recording studio: the experience of Alba and LDA

Cado is a song born during an Instagram live, a pure coincidence that quickly turned into reality. Albe and LDA decided to approach again, but this time together, the theme of love, often recurring in the music scene, but from a new and different point of view. For the occasion, the two artists presented their song in preview to a small audience of fans who were able to participate in an exclusive event, where the warmth of the public was easy to perceive. “If we do this work, it’s for the fans who follow us, for those who listen to our music, for those who support us,” Luca D’Alessio said during the press conference with Albe.

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The song was born by chance. “We said to each other, let’s both write a verse and see you later. Even a hint of a chorus came to mind. Obviously there was chemistry at that time, we were on the same ‘path’ and this thing helped us a lot”, explained Albe. “Cado I wrote it remembering the emotions of a particular day”, echoes LDA. But to whom is this song dedicated? “No one in particular, it is a flow that collects what is our past and our experiences, even in friendship”, explains Albe.

A look into the future, beyond the recording studio

The new song signed by the two former students of the school of Amici talks about the moment when you “fall” and have to get up stronger than before. “And I’m proof of that, after the experience at Amici, in which I finally reached the final,” says Albe. An experience, the one lived in the recording studio, almost unforgettable for both, who also had the opportunity to discover the strengths and weaknesses of both: a messy LDA and a somewhat “hyperactive” Albe.

Courtesy of the press office

The two artists relish the success of their song, but have already planned that it will be a single collaboration. Each of them wants to pursue their own path independently, although they do not rule out that in the future they decide to meet on the notes of a new song, because their friendship will undoubtedly continue even outside the recording studio. In the meantime, the two look forward to performing the new song in their next lives. “In fact, I invited him to my Albe concerts and if he doesn’t come we argue,” comments Luca D’Alessio with an amused air. The two will therefore return during the new live meetings together on stage to go wild with their audience. And who knows, maybe they can also have other new surprises in store for us.

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