Laura Freddi, yesterday and today: the shock transformation of the ex of Bonolis



Showgirl Laura Freddi has changed a lot over the years: that’s how she was when she was young.

Laura Freddi is surely one of the most famous women in the world of television. In recent years, she is best known for her role as a columnist at Big Brother Vip, a position she shares with Sonia Bruganelli. Curiously, in the past, the two have also shared the same man, Paolo Bonolis.

Laura Freddi and Paolo Bonolis – Solocine.it

Not everyone knows, in fact, that several years ago the TV presenter had a long relationship with the well-known showman, who later married Sonia in 2002. Before marrying her, from elsewhere, he had already had a previous marriage, during the ’80s. For a few years, in fact, he was married to the American psychologist Diane Zoeller, with whom he had two children. The marriage was split between Italy and the United States and for that it was not easy.

Finally, in 1992, the creator of Ciao Darwin met Laura Freddi, then very young and barely twenty years old. The two remained together until 1995, and during this time they were not only partners in private life, but also in business. They worked together on Non è la Rai, one of Mediaset’s most historic children’s programs that made many young teenagers famous, today important women in the world of entertainment. The best known example is certainly Ambra Angiolini.

But what did the showgirl look like at the time of the show?

Laura Freddi, her appearance at the time of Non è la Rai

After the end of the love story with Paolo Bonolis, Laura Freddi had other relationships. From 1997 to 1999 he was linked with footballer Fabio Galante, while in 2000 with conductor Daniele Bossari. In 2006, she married Claudio Casavecchia, from whom she separated in 2008. She is currently engaged to physiotherapist Leonardo D’Amico, with whom she has a daughter, born in 2018.

The career of the presenter has also evolved a lot in recent years. He has worked on numerous projects since the 90s. We can cite Festivalbar, Buona Domenica, Zelig and, among the most recent, Tale e qui show and Today is another day. Today she is 50 years old and she is certainly a beautiful woman, but do you remember how she was at the time of Non è la Rai?

Laura Freddi and Paolo Bonolis – Solocine.it

Certainly, even when she was twenty years old, she was beautiful and was certainly one of the prettiest girls in the well-known series. It’s safe to say that long blonde hair has remained a staple feature of her look all this time.

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