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Latest in airlines: Construction Projects and Ongoing Strikes




The advent of airline services has revolutionised the world and changed society on a wide scale. While before, distances between countries could only be passed over weeks or even months, and it was predominantly the wealthy that travelled, things have changed nowadays. Now, you can find a plane to take you anywhere in the world, and depending on how when you buy them, you might pay quite a small fee for a ticket. Also, freight services have changed how the global economy functions, enabling people to access products produced or manufactured on the other side of the world at a relatively low price. 

However, the airline industry is quite complex, and trends have changed significantly within the sector over the years. After the pandemic hit and airline services were forced to cut their operations short, much has changed. The following years have maintained the trend for changes, leaving their mark on the sector as a whole, the customers and the aircrews operating the crafts. So, what’s in store for air travel this year? 

Strike action

Workers’ strikes are nothing new in the airline sector and are bound to continue in 2023. February is already recording strikes across airports in major German cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Dortmund, and Frankfurt am Main. During strikes, operations are brought to a standstill for the day. The demands of the employees relate to collective bargaining agreements. So far, negotiations have failed to produce results, and a new round of discussions is set to take place on the 22nd and 23rd of February. 

Workers aim to get a wage increase in response to the labour shortages that have rocked the industry since the early days of the pandemic. The problem lies with the employers, who have so far refused to recognise the increase in bonuses the employees are due, particularly those employed in the field of aviation security. 

The strikes are expected to have a significant impact. Major delays and cancellations are expected to occur in German solidarity, but the unions have claimed they hope customers will understand and show solidarity towards the workers. The association has added that aid deliveries to Turkey and Syria, which have recently endured deadly earthquakes, won’t be disrupted. 

High-quality services 

As more and more people begin to prefer flying over any other travelling method, services are keen on keeping up with quality standards and ensuring they deliver optimal experiences to their customers. Achieving this in a competitive market and in the context of still-elevated inflation rates is not easy. One of the often-overlooked aspects important for customers is the parking service. In London, airports are well-equipped to meet the requirements of a high influx of travellers from all corners of the world. Airport parking Heathrow is hosted at the English capital’s central hub for long-haul flights. Since London Heathrow is so busy, you’ll want a relaxing trip to the destination, ideally taken in your car. The airport offers accessible long-stay parking options, and you can compare the various providers to discover the one whose services work best for you. 

The Gatwick Airport, the second-busiest in the UK by total passenger traffic in 2022 and the 8th-busiest in Europe, also offers parking options. Gatwick parking can be on the pricier side, but the rates also depend significantly on how long you book for and the current booking durations and demands. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of £45.00 per day, or £95.00 if you opt for a whole week package. Choosing a parking provider can also help you find nearby off-site parking spots that are as low as £6 per day. 

Construction projects 

Because the demands on the airline industry are constantly increasing, development or expansion projects are frequently underway. Of the ten most expensive ones that entered the execution phase last year, half are located in Asia, proving that the continent is perfecting its aviation requirements. These projects include: 

  • The Mysore Airport runway expansion in India is estimated at $420m. The construction work aims to rehabilitate the taxiway, improve the drainage system and expand the runway from 1,740m to 2,750m. 
  • Son Nhat International Airport expansion in Vietnam, a project costing $1.1bn. The airport’s capacity, generally placed at 28 million passengers, is overloaded, and the project is set to solve this issue. The construction project also includes hangar and apron repairs, including warehousing spaces, food processing areas and a two-lane overhead path. 
  • Addis Ababa International Airport in Ethiopia, with an estimated cost of $4bn. The project aims to boost tourism and improve the country’s economy. It will function as an integrated transport centre, sharing links with surface transport. 
  • Pudong International Airport expansion in China, standing at a whopping $15.7bn. The project is set to involve the construction of a 1.19 million square-metre floor area capable of handling 130 million passengers. The retail space will increase, and the expanded runway will be able to take the growing numbers of passengers requesting flying services in the region. 

Tech issues 

With technology becoming an increasingly important part of industries across the globe, it’s no surprise that it is used at an extensive scale in the airline industry. However, it also means that all processes will be disrupted if tech failures occur. Recently, over 200 flights were cancelled in Frankfurt after construction work damaged cables, causing significant problems for a large number of passengers. 

In Bahrain, hackers have taken down the website of the country’s international airport. The attacks were successive, and the site was interrupted twice, albeit relatively shortly. The same group is also believed to be responsible for hacking a pro-government newspaper only hours before the attack on the airport databases. 

The airline sector is complex and subjected to constant changes. Since the mid-1980s, airline ownership patterns have moved from governments to the individual and private sectors. Consolidation is becoming an ever-growing trend, as in other mature industries such as pharmaceuticals, energy and electronics, while new challenges come from increased interest in sustainability and the impact air travel has on the environment, including noise pollution and global dimming. With all these aspects in mind, it might be that the industry will be forced to adapt to many changes quite soon. 

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