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Last hour, the live broadcast of the GF Vip was hidden: what’s going on?



It was in these moments that the live broadcast of the GF Vip was cut without specifying the reason

Panic on the web for what is happening live and that Mediaset has decided to hide. There are those who cry ‘serious problems’ and those who believe in the ‘technical problem’ the fact remains that it is not possible to follow the show live from any channel.

GF Vip 05102022

It has now been at least an hour since the GF Vip stopped live streaming. Direction 1 and Direction 2 of the reality show were suddenly turned off without any warning and for an unknown reason. The program, in fact, at the moment has not yet exposed itself in this regard and viewers assume anything on social networks. There are those who have spoken of problems with the light they have had in recent days that may have caused a power outage:

Last night they had problems with the light…. In my opinion they went into a short circuit.. #gfivip #donnalisi

— Lucy (@Lucilla921) October 5, 2022

There are those, however, who are convinced that something serious is going on that they don’t want to show:

boh in my opinion there is no technical problem, but maybe something happened and we don’t see, maybe I’m wrong who knows #gfivip

— Miriam Turdo (@turdo_miriam) October 5, 2022

GF Vip, live interrupted because of a raid?

GF VIPAttempt to break into the house from the reality show (via screenshot)

In recent days, a lady came to the front of the GF Vip’s house who tried to break into the house, at the Vippos’, until she was blocked by the police. This is Regina de Roma, the same woman who yelled at the roommates to be ashamed of what was done to Marco Bellavia. On the web, the most insistent rumor is that of a real raid on the part of the woman. On Twitter, in particular, the GFVip hashtag immediately went into vogue with this kind of guess.

While Big Brother itself is mum on the matter, on the web there are also those who speculate that the production wanted to censor Sara Manfuso’s attempt to leave the house, as he had previously promised to his roommates. Updates are expected as Monday’s episode airs on replay.

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