Last hour, Iliad is going all out: only for today the offer is almost free



Iliad disregards phone carrier stories and makes its own market prices: now it’s really exaggerated

The almost nascent telephone company creates panic around it: the old companies such as Vodafone, TIM, WindTre, barely manage to keep up and the loss of customers is undeniable because of this.

Iliad SIM card (Twitter)

Iliad does not intend to make room for its direct competitors on the market and offers the most unthinkable offers at bargain prices. Suffice it to say that it was only recently that it also introduced the Iliad Box at a really affordable price to enter the homes of all Italians not only with mobile data, but also with home wifi .

A price below all the different competitors, even more if you are already a customer for the mobile line: the operator offers fiber at the price of 15.99 euros per month if already customers, otherwise 23.99 euros which remains a fair price considering the current market. Indeed, the offer includes all content without limits and a speed of 5 gigabits. In addition, before activating it, it will be possible to consult the site and understand if the fiber is actually coming to your home.

Iliad goes all-in for a day: today this offer is almost free

The big news to come with the telephone operator (via Ansa Foto)

Iliad has no intention of leaving its customers to the competition and is only offering very important offers day after day, even more so in this month dedicated to Black Friday. From the site of the telephone company it is possible to access an offer that costs 9.99 euros per month forever – without sudden price changes – which includes 120 GB of data traffic per month, which can also be used with 5G navigation – if the device was compatible – in addition to SMS and unlimited minutes to be used with any telephone operator, mobile or landline.

What is advantageous at Iliad is above all the contractual promise that the price will never change. With other telephone operators, there is often a one-off increase of 1 to 2 euros which inevitably affects the annual cost.

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