Last hour GF Vip, must leave the house: the new eliminated



Tonight there will be a new episode of GF Vip a month after the start of the Vipponi adventure: there are those who have to leave the house

Over the course of this week, it hasn’t been overly appreciated, let alone what happened in Monday’s episode. Once the televotes were over, it would seem that his fate was sealed by the public.

The competitors gathered at the table (@ grandefratello.mediaset.it)

The audience of this GF Vip 7 is marked by the majority of people who comment on what is happening inside the house also on the web and the latter spoke: in front of the red door. During the last episode, that of Monday October 17, George Ciupilan, Antonino Spinalbese, Giaele De Donà, Alberto De Pisis, Attilio Romita and Cristina Quaranta finished in nomination.

Among the nominees is also the untouchable and young George who is much loved outside the house. Although he entered the red door shyly, without many knowing him, the young tiktoker and former participant of Il Collegio managed to show himself and collect special praise thanks to his kindness. Public opinion, in fact, speaks very positively about him. There are, however, those who have caused a lot of dissension on the web.

GF Vip 7, the eliminated tonight could be Cristina Quaranta

Participants’ response to the question “Who do you want to save?” (@ Grandefratello.forumfree.i)

According to the survey conducted by grandefratello.forumfree.it, it seems that there is no match for the 1,107 participants. Although the percentages are roughly close to each other, the first in the ranking exceeds the last by at least 12%. It must be admitted that, in the last polls, the gap was much clearer, this time however, George Ciupilan who is the first in the ranking among those whom the public would like to save registers 24.84% of preferences. Behind him are Antonino Spinalbese at 18.70% and Giaele De Donà at 18.07%.

Followed by Alberto De Pisis who loses about 5% of the vote by registering 13.28% of preferences, Attilio Romita with 12.65% who is not far behind Cristina Quaranta, last in this ranking, with 12.47% of preferences expressed by the public. Is this the right night for elimination? You just have to discover it from 9:40 p.m. on Canale 5 with Alfonso Signorini and the rest of the Vpponi.

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