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Great anticipations for the next episodes of Le paradis des dames: Veronica will behave in a decidedly unexpected way.

The seventh season of Il paradiso delle donne, one of the most popular Rai fictions of recent years, began some time ago. The series, which is set between the 50s and 60s, has been on the air since 2015 and its events revolve around Il paradiso delle Signore, a clothing store in Milan. The plot is inspired by the book Au paradis des dames by French writer Emile Zola, but the program is set in Italy and was filmed in Rome.

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The soap opera is one of Rai1’s most popular and prolific, in fact it has over 700 episodes. Each episode lasts forty to fifty minutes and has seen significant actors in its cast. Some examples are Giusy Buscemi, who plays early seasons protagonist Teresa Iorio and Giuseppe Zeno, who played the mysterious entrepreneur Pietro Mori, the shop’s first owner.

Over the years, several characters have been on and off the TV show. Right now, all eyes are on Ezio and Veronica, who embarked on a secret relationship during some episodes. The girl of the next episodes will do something unexpected and very important.

Ladies paradise, what will happen?

Several new features are coming for the October 17-21 episodes of Ladies’ Paradise. All eyes are on Gemma, who decides to put Clara, the young Venus, around the corner. In the meantime, Adelaide will continue to take care of Marcello from a work point of view, while Vittorio will try by all means to obtain Matilde’s forgiveness.

The biggest twists, however, will concern the relationship between Ezio and Veronica. As Ezio and Gloria attend a press conference about Stefania’s new book, they find themselves answering many questions about their now-ending marriage. Here will intervene Veronica who, once and for all, will officially declare her relationship with the man in front of everyone. The woman will therefore clearly confess her love affair with Ezio.

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In short, big twists are on the way for Rai fiction. Do you like, do you like following it? What do you think about it? We’ll see what happens later and how the various love stories and dynamics between the many characters play out. The public will of course continue to follow the series, since it is one of the most popular of Rai programming.

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