Kristen Stewart has been advised to hide her sexual orientation so as not to harm her career



During an interview for The Howard Stern Show (via Omelette), Kristen Stewart (‘Twilight’) commented on her sexual orientation and admitted that she had previously received advice not to go out gay in public.

The star of ‘Spencer,’ the upcoming biopic of Princess Diana, said the movie industry was always bigoted, but it never hurt.

“I was told to hide my bisexuality for fear it would hamper my career. I think some people have been in hiding over the years and it’s clearly uncomfortable, ”she said.

Currently, Stewart is dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer, but has revealed that she has had a relationship with women before and that could prevent her from being invited to big projects, like the Marvel movies.

“I don’t like acting in franchises so it was really weird when they told me that. But this [minha opção sexual] it never bothered me getting roles, at least not the ones I wanted, ”he continued.

Recall that ‘Spencer’ is scheduled to premiere on November 5.

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On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature film directed by Pablo Larraín (“LOVE: Lisey’s Story”) garnered 86% of critical approvals.

Among the comments, reporters praised Stewart’s performance, which managed to reproduce even the grimaces and uniqueness of Diana’s accent.

In addition, the plot has a differential so as not to worry about building a specific image of Diana, but to show her in a more natural way.

While the storylines have a few slip-ups that make the narrative feel a bit ‘silly’ (as The Wrap pointed out), none of this diminishes the biopic’s merit.

Check out the top ratings:

“It’s a work of great sensitivity and, at the same time, hilarious. Less interested in identifying the “real” Diana than in building a living, human character. – Film of the week.

“I don’t have enough words to praise Stewart’s performance, from the impression of an incredibly well told figure to the authentic portrayal of the essence of who she was.” – Deadline.

“‘Spencer’ unfolds in a torrent of ideas and madness, some brilliant, some quite silly.” – The Envelope.

“Larraín’s approach to the material is rich, intoxicating and utterly beautiful. – The Guardian.

“A gripping drama of Diana’s moment of truth and transition.” – Variety.

“Stewart’s painstakingly detailed work on accent and manners is impeccable. The camera adores her, and she has rarely been so magnetic or reached a heartbreaking fragility. – The Hollywood reporter.

The plot will focus on a single weekend in the life of Diana (Stewart), where she spent Christmas with the Royal Family on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England. It was on this occasion that she decided to divorce Charles, because of the many rumors about her affair with Camila.

In addition to Stewart, the cast also includes Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris.

2016’s “Jackie,” also directed by Larraín, starred Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy and the role later earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

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