Kia Australia Says Stinger Won’t Be Canceled Anytime Soon



Photo: Kia

Rumors that Kia is about to cancel the Stinger have been popping up for a while. And it’s not really surprising. A rear-wheel-drive liftback sedan doesn’t really fit cleanly into Kia’s lineup even if it’s a fantastic car. So, it would make sense for Kia to kill it off. But now it sounds like the Stinger may be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

Following the latest iteration of “Stinger’s getting the axe” rumors, Australia’s CarSales spoke to Roland Rivero, the head of Kia Australia. He claims no official decision to end production has been made and gave the impression that Kia plans to keep selling the Stinger for a while.

“No one from HQ [in Seoul, Korea] has made any official announcements. It’s business as usual for the Kia Stinger,” said Rivero. “From our perspective it’s fine for Korean media outlets to speculate, but we haven’t heard anything of that nature. We’ll keep selling it and it’s business as usual until we hear otherwise from our HQ.”

That said, it also sounds like Kia probably won’t redesign the Stinger or replace it with an electric successor. Which is disappointing to hear because, again, the Stinger is fantastic, and an electric version would probably be pretty cool.

“I’d like to think just about every EV on our E-GMP will be somewhat of a halo vehicle for us anyway,” Rivero said. He later added, “But is there one car that’s going to be an absolute replacement? I don’t think so. We can definitely offer future products that have the same character and same driver enjoyment as current ICE models.”

So Kia still has plans to build fun-to-drive cars, but we probably won’t see an electric liftback sport sedan join Kia’s lineup. Then again, that could just be for Australia. We’ve reached out to Kia to find out if Rivero’s statements apply to the U.S., as well, and we’ll update this post when we hear back.

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