Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle Debuts Second, Sportier Model Dubbed 1s



The 1s merges a huge American v-twin with lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber for a much sportier riding experience.
Photo: Arch Motorcycle

If non-bike nerds know Arch Motorcycle for anything, it’s typically because it’s half-owned by ol’ Johnny Utah himself, Keanu Reeves (the other half of the company is motorcycle builder and generally rad human Gard Hollinger). In fact, its first model is named after Keanu, being called the KRGT-1, and it’s a gorgeous machine, even if you don’t love power cruisers.

And if, like me, you don’t love a foot-forward riding position, you’re in luck because the fine folks at Arch have finally debuted a second model, dubbed the “1s,” because it has a single-sided swingarm. It’s a much sportier bike overall, with a mid-control foot position, a more aggressive leaned-forward riding position and a generally sleeker overall silhouette.

Like the KRGT-1, the 1s is powered by an extra-big-ass S&S v-twin engine displacing 2,032 cc or 124 cubic inches and producing a whopping 121.77 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel. What kind of horsepower does it make? We don’t know because Arch isn’t publishing those numbers. We suspect that, much as was the case with classic Rolls-Royces, it will be “adequate.”

Putting the ARCH 1s Performance Cruiser to the Test

The 1s’ chassis is a twin-spar billet aluminum unit designed and built in-house at Arch. To that is strapped a full Ohlins suspension, with adjustable forks and an adjustable monoshock out back. From there, you get 17-inch BST carbon fiber wheels and some big six-pot front brakes with Bosch ABS. The result should be a fairly sporty bike, given the massive lump of iron that lives in the middle of it.

This bike also benefits from a new TFT dash, which is a big move for an otherwise small company, and like the KRGT-1, it features all kinds of gorgeous, bespoke milled aluminum and carbon fiber details throughout the bike. The gas cap is especially wild, being opened by the rider twisting the letter A and then the lid opens on a dual scissor hinge mechanism, exposing the fuel filler. Overkill? Normally, I’d say yes, but maybe not so much in this case.

That’s because the 1s – which is available to order now, by the way – has a starting retail price of $128,000, which, for a new motorcycle, is a metric buttload of cashish. I don’t think it even comes with a coupon book for shoulder massages from Keanu either, so you’ll have to really love big, nasty v-twins and exquisite design to justify the purchase.

Now, if only I could scam my way into riding one.

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