Katy Perry, unexpected on stage: an eyelid remains blocked



Moments of great concern and fear for Katy Perry. The famous singer was performing in front of an audience in Los Angeles when, for reasons yet to be specified, she lost control of her right eyelid. Which remained closed, without being able to open any more. Visibly frightened, Perry tried to open it twice with her hand. The whole thing was immortalized by the thousands of smartphones that filmed the pop star at the time in songs like “California Girls” and “Firework”.

The video has bounced millions of times on social media. There are over 18 million views on TikTok alone, and growing. Generating, as understandably, great discussions among the fans about the reasons for this closed eyelid. The theories are the most disparate. There are those who claim it is a visible fake; which attributes the causes to the spasms due to the excessive stress to which Katy Perry is subjected; who talks about false eyelashes as the main cause of that closed eye. The jumble of opinions is also due to the fact that the pop star’s staff hasn’t released any statements about it.

Katy Perry, the right eyelid remains closed: what are the health conditions of the pop star

Indeed, we do not yet know what is the state of health of Katy Perry. Fans are waiting spasmodically to find out what may have been the causes of this closed eyelid. There is a precedent in the history of pop, even fairly recent: that of Justin Bieber. The singer has indeed suffered from temporary facial paralysis due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome. A problem that was later solved, as Bieber returned to singing and performing on stage without any problems. It only remains to wait for the next concerts of Katy Perry. When all doubts about his health have been dispelled.

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