Kate Middleton, thin and pale face: the princess is unrecognizable



Kate Middleton since the Queen passed away and became Princess of Wales with her husband William, her appearance has definitely changed and not only that, even her face looks pale and tired. Let’s see all the details of the new outfit. A particular item of clothing was also a favorite of Lady D.

Certainly, the responsibilities, after the death of Queen Elizabeth, tripled for Kate and William, who officially became Princes of Wales, after the accession to the throne of King Charles III. There have been many changes and certainly the stress is very strong, especially for Kate Middleton.

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The Princess of Wales is very different from previous years, not only for the clothes which are different from what she wore, but also for the physical appearance. His face looks increasingly tired and emaciated.

Kate Middleton, from art scholar to princess

Catherine Middleton, known as Kate, was born in 1982 in the United Kingdom. Daughter of a noble family, Kate first embarked on an academic path of art history and fashion, until she met her current husband, Prince William, during a ‘fashion show. They married in 2011 and have three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Kate has been called very similar to William’s beloved mother, Diana, as both are very caring for those in need.

The photo that worried the subjects

Kate Middleton has always had a very particular and very fine style of dress, so much so that her dresses are part of the “Kate Middleton effect” collection, becoming one of the 100 most influential women in the world. She has always worn very frank or very bright colors, which is why she was very surprised by the outfit worn during the visit to Northern Ireland alongside her husband, the Prince of Wales. The garment chosen would have pleased the queen, even if she did not conceive of the use of trousers for a woman.

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He wore a pastel blue shirt with a flashy bow (a much-loved Lady Diana item of clothing), navy blue cigarette pants and a long blue coat that made the shirt seem a little off. Kate is surely more beautiful with other outfits and with other colors. On top of that, the flawless look sported on all occasions is a bit overlooked here. The tousled, fluffy hair and gaunt, pale face drew attention to the conspicuous bags under his eyes. But it is precisely her constant imperfection that makes her one of the most beloved English noblewomen of all time.

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