‘Justice League’: Patty Jenkins congratulates Zack Snyder after movie premiere date



The ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut had its release date posted by director Zack Snyder. The film will be added to the HBO MAX catalog on March 18 and will run for 4 hours. After the announcement, director Patty Jenkins – of “Wonder Woman” – congratulated the director and said she can’t wait to see the new version.

“I can not wait to see it. Congratulations, Zack Snyder. He said.

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Can’t wait to see this. Congratulations @ZackSnyder

– Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) January 29, 2021

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Recently, a fan asked Snyder if his version explored Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) nightmare scenes in “ Batman vs Superman. ”

In response, Snyder went right and said yes. The conversation took place on the filmmaker’s profile in Vero.

The confirmation makes perfect sense, as Snyder had previously stated that the nightmare will be of great significance in the wake of ‘Justice League’.

For those who don’t remember, The Flash appears in Bruce’s Nightmare and the scene indicates that the sprinter has gone back in time to alert the billionaire of a possible threat, but it was never explained.

“This scene would have a logical explanation … In the future, the Justice League would already be formed, and the Flash would be sent back in time to alert Bruce to the downfall of Superman, who would end up being controlled by Darkseid via the anti-l. ‘equation of life… There were two possibilities, in one of them, Flash is sent too early [como vimos em ‘Batman v Superman‘], on the other hand, it would be sent at the right time.

The filmmaker also explained the meaning of the Flash phrase, which mentions Lois Lane as a kind of “ key ” …

“When The Flash is sent into this new timeline, it draws closer to a time closer to the future that it was trying to prevent … In that future, Lois Lane is killed, and she was the only one capable of recovering the Superman human nature. With Lois safe, the group would have a chance to reverse Darkseid’s hold on Superman.

Now, Flash’s appearance in ‘Batman vs Superman’ makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Snyder clarified that this was only a reference and that the confusion would be explained in “ Justice League 2 ”.

It remains to be seen whether the success of Snyder Cut will convince Warner Bros. to invest in a sequel.

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