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Who would say! Many didn’t believe it, but director Zack Snyder’s cut for Justice League is finally here. For those who took the tram on foot, after directing The Man of Steel (2013) and Batman vs Superman (2016), Snyder immediately left for the third part of these films with Justice League, which was scheduled to launch in late 2017. The result, critics, and audiences for Batman vs. Superman were, say, a little desperate for the studio. Thus, the first measure adopted was to transform the blockbuster which would be divided into two features (as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Ultimatum, from its rival Marvel), into a single film.

After that, tragedy struck and Snyder left production to focus on supporting her family following the suicide of her teenage daughter. Replacing the director on the mission to finish the job, then Joss Whedon, the filmmaker tasked with bringing the first two Avengers to theaters, entered. The result of the Justice League was work in a contradictory tone, which ended up pleasing only momentarily – or rather, not displeasing. Soon, fans (still them), took to social media their desire to see the original cut planned by Zack Snyder made, fueled by the wood in the fire placed by the director himself, who prompted his followers with behind the scenes images.

The movement was gaining more and more proportions and the artists involved in the production also embraced the demand, until it became the # most shared on social networks for a previously unreleased film. So, in an unprecedented maneuver, Warner shelled out an additional $ 70 million (on top of the $ 300 million already spent on production) for Snyder to complete his vision, finalizing or modifying effects, and remaking certain scenes. The result was a 4-hour movie that killed fans of love, praised by the press, and even the toughest admit it’s a superior work to see in 2017. In other words, a movie totally new.

Never in the history of cinema has nothing like this been seen. But something similar has always happened in this more than a century of the seventh art. Thinking about it, and in that justice that was done for a, let’s say underrated director, we decided to bring back with you a few cases of films that received special editions after their releases, adding and modifying what we had seen and known until then. Let’s take a look at this.

The Godfather III / The result

One of cinema’s most famous trilogies, if not the most famous (or perhaps the most prestigious), the conclusion to the Mafia Corleone family saga was slow to take off. The first film (1972) and the second (1974), both based on Mario Puzo’s book, were released in no time. The success was so great that Paramount decided to make another one, however, there was no more book to rely on. Thus, Puzo, with director Francis Ford Coppola, wrote the screenplay for the third part, released in 1990. The reception of the time elected him as the most irregular of the trilogy. Thus, no less than thirty years later, at the end of 2020, Coppola decided, at the request of the studio, to put the film back together as he had initially planned. This edition was called “Outcome” (Coda).

Blade Runner – The Android Hunter

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One of the most notorious cases in cinema when it comes to special editions is this still very influential science fiction, directed by Ridley Scott, initially released in 1982. In addition to that, Blade Runner has another peculiarity. The film was a critical and public failure in its release, resurfacing in collective taste thanks to video libraries, becoming one of the best-known cases of cult films that won a legion of fans after its release. Due to the failure, the studio reassembled the film with an off-narration from protagonist Harrison Ford, in order to explain a little more to the audience, and to bring the plot even more into the detective genre, but set in the future. In total, no less than 7 versions of the film were released: the most famous being the original, the North American edition, the international edition, the director’s edition and the final edition. It was precisely the cult status of the film during all these years that spawned a late sequel titled Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

Original Star Wars Trilogy

Not all new editions come in to please. And that was precisely the case with one of cinema’s most beloved trilogies – which made fans look differently at the creator of everything, filmmaker George Lucas. In order to heat up the engines and spark discussions with the fan base for the launch of Phantom Menace (1999), two years before the director decided to bring the brand name back to people’s mouths and give it a go. luck to those who were not of age in time, watch the productions on the big screen. It was the first opportunity for many (like this one which tells you) to watch the first blockbusters of cinema … well, in a cinema. But all was not like before. Lucas didn’t have the technology at the time, so in the age of all-digital effects, the filmmaker decided to “polish” his trilogy with modern effects (for the mid-90s). Addition of new scenes, all “present” for the new generation. The problem is that it just disappeared with the original versions, which were ultimately preferred.

AND – The alien

Learning from his colleague above, Steven Spielberg also decided to relaunch one of his most beloved films in theaters, about the friendship between a boy and a good creature from space. New effects have been added, replacing the doll with a virtual machine creation. But the filmmaker didn’t stop there, and in the moment, he decided to listen to his politically correct vein and digitally remove the guns from the police officers chasing the children, replacing them with walkie-talkies. The reaction from the fans was “do you really need this?” Ah yes, in that same imprint, I forgot to comment above that Lucas had Han Solo shoot Han Solo after his nemesis Greedo (making the character more silly), which didn’t appeal to anything.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

When announced, this FOX mutant universe film looked like a fan’s dream project. He would join the New Actors First Class (2011), along with the original franchise veterans in 2000, becoming a crossover in the narrative line itself. Adapting one of the most beloved character comics arcs required such grandeur. However, what we saw on screen looked a lot like a punch-hole movie, with heavy actors dumb and silent, and others not even appearing in the movie, ending up being cut in the editing room – like this was the case with Oscar winner Anna Paquin eliminated. of the version that went to theaters, a sheer disrespect. Trying to remedy what happened a bit, the studio released on home video a special edition of the film called Rogue’s Cut – Rogue Edition (Paquin character), underlining its importance in the story a bit. Something tells me this movie has more to be put together, too bad director Bryan Singer was stealing and he should be gone for a while.

All Terrence Malick movies

One of the most methodical and singular directors of the last 40 years of cinema, say, is called Terrence Malick. In 2011, with nearly 40 years of career, the director had only 5 films directed by him in the course, to get an idea. But that’s only part of the mythology surrounding Malick. What really grabs attention and angers a lot of people is the way the filmmaker puts his films together, totally changing his story and his narrative line. Malick is the purest representation of the saying that “a cinematographic work really comes to life in the edit”. It is from there that the director often manages to resume a new film from scratch, different from the one he shot. This is what made Oscar winner Adrien Brody understand that he was no longer the protagonist of the war drama Beyond the Red Line (1998), only during the film’s premiere, and that now the story revolved around Jim Caviezel. And this is also what prompted the late veteran Christopher Plummer (who died on February 5 of this year) to pick up the phone and let the animals out with Malick, with whom he recorded the “serious” version of Pocahontas, The New World (2005), guaranteeing never to work with the filmmaker again.

The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

Praised for being a representative voice of the LGBTQ + community, the young director Xavier Dolan has acquired a status in this niche. Some consider him pretentious beyond talent. In any case, his greatest daring to date has occurred in this drama which became very empty when it was released in 2018. The biggest hype about the feature film happened precisely because of its behind the scenes and can -being that was the filmmaker’s whole movement. With a solid cast that includes Natalie Portman, Kit Harrington, little Jacob Tremblay, and veterans Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates, certainly one of the biggest attractions was the presence of red-haired muse Jessica Chastain, then at the height of her popularity. The Oscar-nominated actress was even the biggest marketer on the project, posting every step of the production on her social media and numerous photos reflecting her friendship and closeness to Dolan. But then the fateful announcement came. In order to “improve” his film, Dolan found it necessary to completely cut Chastain’s participation from the work. The redhead said it was all done the right way and without hard feelings. But is it really …?

Rocky iv

If this wave of new editions catches… well, I think it already is. And next to surf is seventy-year-old star Sylvester Stallone who is right now, as I write this article, editing a new version for his absolute ’80s classic Rocky 4 (1985). The Rocky Room might not be the best in the franchise, but it’s definitely the most exciting and the one that gave my colleague who writes you the greatest childhood company. Today some things are not favored, especially the whole rambling part with the talking robot (yes, that’s right) who is the maid / wife of swashbuckler Paulie (Burt Young). If you’re going to take this length (which is what we really want), only time will tell. With the film yet to be released (and we are eagerly awaiting the premiere), we can only wait to see what the Italian stallion has done in the film.

Batman forever

Following the green light for Zack Snyder’s cut for the Justice League, fans immediately kicked off a new movement, this time to see director Joel Schumacher’s planned original cut for Batman Eternally (1995). In parts of an urban legend, many argue that there is a lot of extra material that was not part of the final cut, only waiting for a special edition. However, here we have another aggravating factor. Schumacher passed away last year, so if the new version really leaves the role at the behest of Warner fans, a new artist will do the editing, without Schumacher’s commission accompanying everything.

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