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Justice League – Key differences between the Whedon and Snyder versions



The director’s cut offered several changes from the 2017 film


Zack Snyder’s Justice League is among us bringing great public approval, especially compared to its 2017 counterpart. That comparison has even proven to be a very recurring factor when this director’s cut is analyzed. An inevitable reaction, as always when director’s versions come out later, but they still serve to highlight the differentials of the new film.

This way, as with the top 5 in general, these new elements presented in the so-called Snyder Cut will be listed in a thematic format and then dissected.

Starting with the most obvious inclusion, the Hunter of Mars (or Jon Jones) had already been aired as being present in the director’s cut a few years ago by Zack Snyder himself. This happened even as the director was posting storyboards of the scenes he was shooting from time to time and one of them was precisely when the “Fake Martha” (or prank) turned out to be the Martian. after a visit to Lois Lane.

Mars Hunter is one of DC Comics’ most beloved characters

His visit to Bruce at the end of the film also highlights the relationship between him and the group, or at least initially with Batman, which could develop into a possible sequence, indicating that the character would have a more explicit role as Super hero.

No, this is not the upcoming movie directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson. Before this reboot of the character was planned, it was Ben Affleck who was at the forefront of the idea of ​​a solo adventure of his version of the Dark Knight. She would proceed with what would have been seen in the Justice League and put Batman face to face with the exterminator in the context of Arkham Asylum.

Enjoy watching:

Upon learning of Batman’s identity, the Exterminator has become a much greater threat so far “The Batman”

The project was eventually scrapped so Affleck could deal with personal matters, but at the end of the Snyder Cut there is an interaction between Lex Luthor and the hitman (visually similar to his 2017 counterpart) in which Luthor points out. that there are outstanding questions. between the Batman and the Exterminator and then gives the mercenary the identity of the Bat Man. Thus indicating that The Batman would have this very present urgency and the Terminator would be a destructive force in the life of Bruce Wayne.

The idea that the black costume would be present in the work dates back to before 2017, when Superman died at the hands of the Apocalypse and immediately the costume was already mentioned by fans as an essential tool for the hero’s return. Joss Whedon’s cut then erases the outfit’s existence, and further down, Snyder uses social media to show that there were images that the outfit would originally be present.

The least surprising of surprises but still pretty cool to see

Although in Snyder Cut there is no moment of exposure to the garment’s healing properties (since in the comics Superman uses it to absorb solar energy faster after returning from death), he It is understood that this helped the character to return with all his strength for the fight with the steppe wolf.

At this point in the championship, remembering that point has turned into something like “raining in the wet,” but that only shows Warner and Joss Whedon’s lack of discretion in the size of the film. Cyborg had been widely ventilated as the heart of the film, as someone intimately linked to the plot and who was indeed very important, with quite a dramatic arc surrounding her relationship with her father. In 2017, its presence weakened and all that so-called protagonism is not showing up.

Cutting the Cyborg’s path collapsed the whole plot

Meanwhile, actor Ray Fisher has consistently accused Warner and the aforementioned director of not only cutting their participation almost entirely, but also Whedon’s abusive behavior behind the scenes. Now, with the release of Snyder Cut, it’s very evident that the actor’s complaints about how he handled the editing of the film were justified.

The entire Knightmare sequence

Feature introduced in BvS with great narrative significance for the future of the DCEU, Knightmare (post-apocalyptic future) was completely absent from the 2017 cut. Now, under the director’s direction, he not only returns, but also features a few illustrious characters. in warped versions like the Mohawk Exterminator and the Mera carrying the Aquaman trident.

Jared Leto’s Joker stole the final moments of the film

However, the biggest presence could be none other than the Joker. Completely repudiated in Suicide Squad, Jared Leto has a new chance and delivers a joker with long hair and no more tattoos. The highlight of this new sequence ends up being his encounter with Batman, in which the clown plays with his past trauma involving Robin’s death and the hero pushes back by remembering Harlequin’s death and his last slow death request at the mean.

This name may not be immediately recognizable to the public, but Ryan Choi is the second person to wear the superhero Atom mantle shortly after Ray Palmer leaves. With diminishing powers that can reach atomic level, Ryan has been a part of the formation of the Justice League in comics before, and his introduction to Snyder Cut could be a sign of future team expansion.

In a certain part of the film, before Superman returns, it is suggested that Lois Lane could be pregnant. Indeed, a pregnancy test is in her drawer and she gives him a apprehensive look. The concept of offspring for Superman is nothing new, currently in the comics, his son Jon has a whole series of his own in which he interacts with Batman’s son, Damien Wayne.

Yet, knowing that much of the DCEU was inspired by the comic book series Injustice (the plot of which is about the hero going mad with the death of pregnant woman Lois), it may be that Superman’s heir come from there; in this case, it’s your daughter Lara Kent. Their participation passes through an alternative vision of the universe that receives the hero but it is enough all the same to see the almost heroine.

Basically the whole director’s cut

Okay, that might sound like a joke, but it’s not an incorrect statement. No changes and every change featured is an element of the Snyder Cut, which not only eliminated many of the terrible comedic reliefs from the 2017 film, but reworked the coloring of the artwork, the soundtrack (completely unreleased), left more time. on the screen for the characters could express their motivations (among them the villain), re-edit certain scenes already seen so that they express another sensation, increase the final fight scene.

Either way, the cut itself is the big difference and what makes the 2017 product something that should no longer be the benchmark of Justice League in theaters.

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