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Universal has released a seconds-long teaser to announce that the Fast & Furious 9 IMAX sessions will feature an exclusive preview of the third installment in the Jurassic World franchise, which will ultimately bring back the Jurassic Park trio. Lasting about five minutes, the material is divided into two periods: the Cretaceous and 65 million years later, today.

This Cretaceous sequence is very interesting, as it begins with a group of long-necked dinosaurs bathing in a river and flying reptiles gliding through the area, implying that this setting was Earth today. However, the vegetation is vintage and the filter used to represent heat is very characteristic of what Hollywood usually associates with the Pangea era. Several species are represented, such as herds of Triceratops and Ankylosaurus, Iguanodonts and even an Oviraptor trying to steal eggs from a nest. A curious thing is that unlike the animals shown in the franchise so far, they have feathers. At one point, the sequence is very reminiscent of the opening of Dinosaur (2000), that 3D animation from Disney.

We then follow the camera as it walks towards a Tyrannosaurus Rex with feathers on its head and back. The animal fights another dinosaur and is defeated. In this, a mosquito lands on the corpse, sucks the blood, and flies out into the sun, implying that it would be one of the mosquitoes used by John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) to revive the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. So the camera cuts and jumps to the present day, where the T-Rex walks through a forest while being chased by a military team in helicopters.

The T-Rex manages to escape the tranquilizer darts and enters a Drive-In cinema, where several people prepare to attend a Flash Gordon session. The dinosaur tries to pass by in silence, but the military continues to throw the darts, irritating the animal, which stomps and kicks the cars. Some couples who are kissing or interacting do not notice the creature’s presence in the room and pretend nothing has happened. After that, there are a few loose scenes of dinosaurs in the 21st century environment, including a play from the short film “The Battle of Big Rock” and a scene of Mosassaur pulling the net from a fishing boat, showing that ‘they are going to touch terror in the world. .

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This preview is available to anyone watching The Fast & Furious 9 in IMAX theaters. However, Universal should publish it on the Internet at all times. Jurassic World: Domain is scheduled for release on June 10, 2022.

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