“Jurassic Park” is 28 years old; Discover anecdotes about the legendary film by Steven Spielberg!



As we move towards the third film “Jurassic World”, it is always necessary to remember that the iconic adventure franchise began a few decades ago with “Jurassic Park”, one of the signings of legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. .

Besides being crazy to imagine how production has shaped practical effects in contemporary cinema, it’s even crazier to think that today, exactly 28 years ago, the work was making its debut. officials at the Uptown Theater in Washington DC, before hitting theaters around the world two days later.

Based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, the story takes place on Isla Nublar, located near Costa Rica, on the Central American coast of the Pacific Ocean. There, a wealthy businessman and a team of geneticists achieved the impossible: to create an open-air dinosaur park. However, when industrial sabotage culminates in an unprecedented disaster, it is up to a group of visitors to struggle to survive amid the prehistoric beasts.

With a turnover of $ 912 million at the time of its release, “Jurassic Park” became the most successful film of all time, until it was shattered by “Titanic” four years later. . Critically acclaimed and considered one of the most important titles in the Hollywood industry, it has won dozens of awards (including three Oscar statuettes) and spawned two direct sequels and a recent reboot trilogy, directed by Colin Trevorrow.

To celebrate its anniversary, CinePOP has separated a brief list of ten behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the film, which you can check out below:


Tyrannosaurus roars were created with a combination of sounds made by a dog, penguin, tiger, crocodile, and elephant. In addition, he sometimes ran into problems due to the rain which even scared the team members.


The groundbreaking special effects were applauded by virtually every reviewer – one even said the film left “King Kong” (1933) “looking like something from the parade. of Macy’s Thanksgiving “. However, the construction of the human characters was frowned upon, mainly due to the one-dimensionality of the protagonists.

DR. Alain Ford

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Harrison Ford was offered to star in the film as Dr. Alan Grant, but declined because he didn’t think he was fit for the role, which is why Sam Neill was hired. After watching the movie, he went on to say he made the right choice. It should be remembered that Ford had previously worked with Spielberg on the iconic “Indiana Jones” franchise.


John Williams composed the soundtrack for the film in late February 1993 and took it to the recording studio a month later. He felt the urge to write “plays that conveyed a sense of fascination and awe, as the story dealt with the extreme joy and animosity of seeing dinosaurs alive.”

tiring work

Spielberg supervised the post-production of “Jurassic Park” remotely, as he was in Poland for the filming of the drama “Schindler’s List”. In several interviews, he commented that it was one of the most complicated moments of his life – and that the emotional exhaustion was so great that his enthusiasm for the film gradually waned. Spielberg also said he needed an hour a day to build up the energy to comment on digital dinosaurs and answer trivial questions from the special effects team.


James Cameron (‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’) said he would have liked to make the film, but the rights were bought “a few hours” before making an offer. Watching the final cut, Cameron realized that Spielberg was a better choice for directing, as his version would be much more violent and wouldn’t be fair to kids.

The kitchen suite remains a favorite of Lex Murphy’s performer Ariana Richards. It was done in two weeks, with the kidnappers most of the time and a man in a suit sometimes.


“Jurassic Park” revolutionized the behavior of dinosaurs in movies; while previous work had them with slow movements, they have now been characterized by athletic agility. The idea came from paleontologist Robert Bakker. Another aspect included was the fact that dinosaurs are not cold-blooded, but rely on sunlight to stay active.


Spielberg wanted the dinosaurs to inhale and exhale, visibly beat, and have their eyes dilate in the same way as the main protagonist of “ET: The Alien”. The idea was to make them more real and scary.


After directing the film, Richards developed a huge interest in dinosaurs and even helped paleontologist Jack Horner, feature film consultant and inspiration for the character of Dr. Grant, during a dig in Montana at the United States, the following summer.

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