Johnny Manziel’s Net Worth, Career, Assets, Lifestyle, and More Explored



If you watched the Netflix documentary made on the famous footballer titled ‘Untold: Johnny Football’, you might be wondering about the money made by the footballer before he was let off from NFL (National Football League).

Formerly heralded as a college football phenomenon and a potential NFL star, Johnny Manziel has seen many highs and lows. Now that’s both on and off the field. Everyone’s curious to know about Johnny Manziel’s net worth. Here is an overview of his career, lifestyle, and more!

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Johnny Manziel’s Net Worth & Career 

Johnny Manziel’s projected net worth in 2023 is anticipated to be between $1 million and $6 million. The former NFL quarterback’s signed bonus with the Cleveland Browns. It’s the $5 million bender he talked about during ‘Untold: Johnny Football’.

His endorsements and other things are all taken into account when determining his net worth. In any event, it appears that Manziel has a net worth of somewhere in the range of $1 and $6 million.

Johnny Manziel generated $10 million in endorsement revenue throughout his NFL career. This includes a deal with Nike in addition to his $7.7 million total salary during his two seasons with the Cleveland Browns. 

In the wake of Manziel’s multiple off-field scandals, Nike later dismissed him in 2016. Manziel has investigated several businesses despite the disappointments. Though not as much as in his collegiate football days, he has been linked to endorsement agreements and collaborations. His total net worth is influenced by these pursuits and other investments.

Johnny Manziel’s Early Life 

Jonathan Paul Manziel, better known as Johnny Manziel, was born in Tyler, Texas, on December 6, 1992. His family was quite athletic. He participated in a wide range of sports during his early years.

Despite his ability to play a variety of sports, his parents encouraged him to become a quarterback since they saw his exceptional talent. As a first-year student, in college, Manziel caused a stir when he was named Texas A&M’s starting quarterback.

As a result of his outstanding 2012 campaign, Manziel became the first quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman. That year, he smashed a lot of records for a “dual-threat quarterback.” Manziel became known as ‘Johnny Football’ and had more success in his second season.

Many anticipated that Manziel would be a highly sought-after player when he chose to join the 2014 NFL Draft. But the Cleveland Browns selected him with the 22nd overall pick. He only played in the NFL for two seasons, which is unfortunate given his exceptional performance and some off-field issues. All this led to an early end in the career of the brilliantly expected footballer.

Johnny Manziel’s Lifestyle & Assets Revealed

Manziel has been associated with various endorsement deals and sponsorships throughout his career. Additionally, he has owned valuable assets, including real estate and luxury items. Manziel has made real estate ventures to diversify his holdings. He is a Texan who owns homes in California, Chicago, and Texas.

In addition, his passion for cars is reflected in his business. Among his many possessions are a Ford pickup truck, a Range Rover, and other vehicles. Looking at his Instagram and other social media pages, he uses it to give a peek into his life, which is travel and luxury-filled.


The footballer Johnny Manziel’s net worth is proof of his dedication. The former NFL star is still liked a lot by the public. What are your thoughts regarding this? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment box. We will keep coming up with more engaging content like this.

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