‘John Wick 4’ is DELAYed to 2023



Keanu Reeves is back as Neo in “The Matrix Resurrections”, but it’ll take a little longer to see him in theaters again with “John Wick 4.”

The film has been postponed from May 26, 2022 to March 24, 2023. The reason has not been disclosed.

The third film ended with Winston’s betrayal of John and, after barely surviving serious injuries, teamed up with King Bowery to bring down the organization once and for all.

In an interview with Esquire, Keanu Reeves revealed that the fourth film will begin with a big desert action scene.

“Let’s start with an official opening streak. John Wick is back in the wilderness and will ride a horse. It will look like the motorcycle escape from the third movie. I hope I can gallop and run at the same time, “he said.


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With the filming of “John Wick 4” finished, the possible title for the sequel may have been revealed. Some of the film crew received gifts from the production, which bear the title “John Wick 4: Hagakure”.

Hagakure is an ancient Japanese word that refers to a book written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, a Japanese samurai who was born in 1659 and died in 1719.

Looks like we have an official title for #JohnWick: Chapter 4! (Via: @bigscreenleaks) pic.twitter.com/FASw1dXD75

– Binge Watch This (@BingeWatchThis_) November 8, 2021

Remembering that Donnie Yen, Shamier Anderson, Bill Skarsgård, Hiroyuki Sanada, Scott Adkins and Clancy Brown have all been added to the cast, so Wick has to either face one of them on his journey or rely on their aid.

The sequel will also include the return of Laurence Fishburne as King of the Beggars, Lance Reddick as Charon, Continental Hotel concierge, and Ian McShane as manager Winston.

While details of the sequel are under wraps, the previous film ended with Wick (Reeves) being shot by Winston, who apparently betrays him by pledging allegiance to the High Summit.

Then, the following will show the developments of this turnaround.

Chad Stahelski returns to directing and has promised a movie to live up to the franchise:

“We’re happy with the action streaks and we don’t want to miss them. I want to be a better director, but that doesn’t mean the sequel will be less action, ”he said.

The 3rd film in the franchise, “John Wick: Parabellum”, became a box office success, grossing $ 326.7 million worldwide – on a budget of $ 75 million.

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