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Joaquin Phoenix | One of the greatest performers of the Joker has turned 47! Learn about other great movies from your career!



Puerto Rican Joaquin Phoenix is ​​nothing new as he is one of the most fantastic actors of his generation. Awarded at numerous festivals, he won a Grammy, two Golden Globes and four Oscar nominations, winning only once for The Joker. Influential social activist, vegan since the age of three, is a member of PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization.

His brother, also an actor River Phoenix, tragically passed away, which alienated Joaquin from the world of cinema. A few months later, at the request of his friends, Phoenix returned to the theater. He made his theater debut in the 1986 movie SpaceCamp Space Adventure. But his recognition came after playing the ruthless Roman Emperor Commodus in Ridley Scott’s award-winning Gladiator in the early 2000s. Hits!

Yesterday the actor turned 47 and to celebrate this date we have separated some pictures of him for you

You’ve never really been here

Enjoy watching:

Winner of Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix) and Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival, You Were Never Really Here, based on the book of the same name by Jonathan Ames, is a story about the paths that fate puts us when we are plagued by past traumas that never go away. The scenario is excellent, it puts us in front of the consequences of the choices of the protagonist in a violent and brutal way, result of the profession and marks of the fights that this character carries out on a daily basis. Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay returns to cinema on the right foot after the excellent We Need to Talk About Kevin, and again presents, with great skill, a great psychological portrait of its protagonist.

Is it over there

Is falling in love a form of socially existential madness? After introducing the world to a particular version of sadness through metaphors and unimaginable universes, in the feature film Where the Monsters Live, the American director Spike Jonze returns to the cinema, four years later, with a daring project that speaks of the different relationship in the future between a man and a machine, Elle. With a lot of sensitivity applied to the actions of the characters, the famous director needed a complete actor to execute the complex protagonist. And believe me, there was no better choice than Joaquin Phoenix.


Nature made man happy and good, but society depraved him and made him miserable. This famous phrase from the Swiss Rousseau illustrates very well what we saw during 122 minutes of projection. The Joker is above all a portrait of our society, which walks between misty valleys where fear and disillusionment become the trigger for new ways of thinking, but which also evolves towards evil in disturbed minds. Directed by New York filmmaker Todd Phillips and starring a gala performance by Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, the film hits the box office where it was screened.

On foot it does not go far

The wisdom to make a difference, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can. The work of the great filmmaker Gus Van Sant is a combination of the talent of the artists involved, the excellent screenplay based on John Callahan’s memoir: Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, in a story of overcoming the difficulties and how art can somehow save a life. Joaquin Phoenix, responsible for the lead role, inspired as almost always by his brilliant career, is an actor like no other, a real treat for moviegoers to be able to be so contemporary with such a genius and the delivery to his characters. Over nearly two hours of screening, we witness a beautiful story with the icing on the cake coming from what we hear, just 25 minutes of film for the soundtrack of the ace Danny Elfman to seduce you. Van Sant had been trying to film this story since the 90s and his idea at the time was to have actor Robin Williams as the protagonist. Available on HBO MAX.

Once upon a time in New York

What to do when life loses all its meaning? The new work from talented director James Gray is a journey to the depths of human soul and character. With another spectacular performance by Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard, Once Upon a Time in New York is a film that touches us deeply, highlighting serious problems in our society and in our cruel and primitive way of thinking about the world. In the plot, we follow the sad and melancholy story of Ewa Cybulska (the eternal Piaf, Marion Cotillard) an immigrant who arrives in the United States by boat and by a twist of fate is separated from her sister. Having to live alone, penniless in a completely new place, she ends up being seduced by the false kindness of Bruno Weiss (Joaquin Phoenix) and quickly finds herself in the dark world of prostitution. Things change a bit when illusionist Emil (Jeremy Renner) takes the stage. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The blow that didn’t turn against him

Family problems have no address, the eternal giant wheel of education. In the late 1980s, Ron Howard, directed by Ron Howard, was released in theaters That Didn’t Backfire, a drama with comedic touches that shows a complicated family arrangement with different types of upbringing. X-raying a family with the most diverse crises, the brilliant scenario of the duo Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel makes us think every moment. Actress Dianne Wiest was nominated for an Oscar for this film, and Randy Newman, author of the soundtrack, competed for the song I Love To See You Smile at the Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar.

The master

When Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix accepted their respective invitations to play their characters in this project, they knew their chances of winning the Oscars were great. They didn’t, but they approached. Focusing on the emotional struggles of a Navy veteran, Paul Thomas Anderson offers viewers complex and true drama. The Master created the pre-release controversy by speaking of Scientology, a set of beliefs and practices created by L. Ron Hubbard, which suggests that beings are immortal. The highlight of the film is the flawless performances of Hoffman and Phoenix.


Released in 2000 and directed by Ridley Scott, Gladiator was nominated for 12 Oscars and won 5 statuettes! With Russell Crowe, the film tells the saga of General Maximus, a victorious warrior who tragically loses his family and returns to his beginnings with a huge thirst for revenge against the big bad of the story Cómodo (Joaquin Phoenix). An excellent film that is always good to see again! It’s on Netflix!


One of Indian filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s greatest hits, Signs shows the trajectory of a family after mysterious circles appeared on their plantation, suggesting to all that this is proof of an extraterrestrial presence in the place. With a budget of over $ 70 million and starring Mel Gibson, the film remains in the memories of moviegoers and moviegoers to this day.

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