Jo Squillo, do you understand who the husband is? It’s called Muciaccia and you all know it



The singer-songwriter, very famous – to say the least – for her duet with Sabrina Salerno in the song We Are Women, who is she married to? With a real artist… His surname? Mucciaccia!

How many have already known the famous wife of the singer and brilliant presenter Jo Squillo, very famous in the 80s who was recently admired in the most spied house in Italy?

Jo Squillo Solocine.it

Without a shadow of a doubt, Jo Squillo is one of the most famous women in Italian music. She is known to have a very long career, which started in 1980 when she was no more than 20 years old. He released 9 albums, sold thousands of records and collaborated with several very important personalities in this field. Thanks to music, she met her current husband: but do you know who he is? The singer-songwriter has been active in the music scene for more than forty years and during this long time she has changed her style considerably. When he was at the beginning of his career and he was much younger, he was recognized for his punk soul and his very rebellious character. In fact, she was one of the first female representatives of Italian punk. Did you know?

A star at Big Brother Vip

At the time, he was part of a group, the legendary Kandeggina Gang, composed only of girls. The name was based on the fact that their main objective was – precisely – to cleanse society of all male-dominated elements, which were all too pressing and numerous, thus triggering a deep feminist movement. During her experience at Big Brother Vip, the woman had become known for several slip-ups, including real fake news “on the subject of nutrition”. One above all? He said his father would go deaf from drinking too much cow’s milk over the years!

Her famous husband

Before participating in the reality show, she had devoted herself deeply to her musical career and this led her to make changes in terms of gender. From the aggressive punk of the 80s, he moved on to a calmer pop. One of his most famous songs is surely We Are Women, which he performed with Sabrina Salerno in Sanremo in 1991. We don’t have much news about his love life. But do you know who the husband is? Here’s the truth about the man who stole her heart’ and who she’s been together for 40 years!

Jo Squillo Solocine.it

The Milanese artist is married to Gianni Muciaccia, bassist of Kaos Rock, a band active between the 70s and 80s. The two met thanks to their common passion for the world of seven notes. The couple have been married for years and have no children. And the decision not to become parents was made early on, even though they have an adopted goddaughter named Michelle. But be careful! Don’t confuse the man with Giovanni Muciaccia, the famous animator of Art Attack! Indeed, he is – in fact – married to Chiara Tribuzio with whom he has two children.

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