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Will actress Jessica Chastain star in the next James Bond film? And in what role? Here is his statement.

Jessica Chastain has made a lot of noise in recent years and his career in the cinema world continues with great success, especially after his Oscar for his performance in Tammy Faye’s Eyes in 2021. She pulled the rumor that he will participate in the next James Bond, but what is the truth? The actress opened up about it while hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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The actress recently made her comeback after her latest film Armageddon Time premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. After proving herself in numerous action and drama films such as It Chapter 2 and The Forgiven, audiences wondered why she still hasn’t been in the James Bond saga.

For the moment, no director has officially offered her, but the artist has renewed her interest in the saga, adding that she would very much like to collaborate, but with a very specific role. In fact, she explained that she wouldn’t be interested in becoming the next Bond Girl.

Jessica Chastain, the role she would like to play in James Bond

During an interview with famed show host Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Chastain said she would love to star in James Bond, but not as the female lead. “When I started in this industry, everyone kept asking me, ‘Do you want to be a Bond Girl?’ At the time, for a woman in the industry, it was the pinnacle of success, playing a Bond Girl. But it’s not for me. Indeed, my desire has always been to play the bad guy.”

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Therefore, the artist would like to try his hand at the role of the villain. He clarified his thoughts very well: “I love the idea that Bond is afraid of me. It’s a good feeling. So yes, of course, anyone who wants to call me for a villain role in the next Bond, please, I’m here. After all, I might be the only person in the world who said he had no interest in playing Bond. I want to torture him!”

As of now, he hasn’t received any official offers yet, but who knows how things will develop in the future. It’s not even known when the new chapter of the hit series will be released and who, if so, would play the protagonist after Daniel Craig dropped out after No Time No Die. There are even rumors that in the next film, James Bond could be a woman.

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