James Cameron criticizes the immaturity of Marvel and DC characters: “It seems like everyone is in college”



James Cameron, well-known filmmaker of ‘Titanic’ and the still unreleased ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, is completely critical of the way Marvel Studios and DC develop their characters, criticizing in particular the immaturity of each of them.

“When I watch these big spectacular movies – in this case, Marvel and DC – no matter how old the characters are, they all act like they’re in college. They have relationships, but not really. They don’t hang up never their spurs for the sake of their children. The things that really punish us and give us power, love and purpose? These characters don’t live that, and I don’t think that’s the way to do movies,” Cameron told The New York Times.

Which continued: “Zoe (Saldaña) and Sam (Worthington) now play parents, fifteen years later, in Avatar: The Water Way. In the first film, Sam’s character essentially changes the course of history following a near-suicidal leap of faith. Meanwhile, Zoe’s character also takes a dangerous leap and assumes there will be some big, pretty leaves there that can break the fall. But when you have children, you don’t think like that.

“So for me, as a father of five, I’m like, ‘What happens when these characters mature and realize they have a responsibility outside of their own survival? “”, he concludes.

And you, do you agree with him and do you think his films bring this approach?

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