it’s the center-right’s day for consultations with Mattarella



Giorgia Meloni – Picture by Ansa Foto

At 10:30 a.m. today, Friday October 21, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will meet the center-right representation.

Silvio Berlusconi will also participate in the meeting, but at the end of the interview Giorgia Meloni will speak on behalf of all: “We are ready to give Italy a government that deals with the emergencies and challenges of our time with awareness and competence “, wrote the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

Already this afternoon, Meloni could receive the task of the Head of State to form the government, and will be able to accept with reservations or without. If he accepted without reservation, he could already present a list of ministers.

Wolves on Berlusconi and Putin: “Friendship cannot be denied but there is politics”

“I have to say that Europeanism and Atlanticism are in the history of the centre-right coalition and FI. And yesterday, Giorgia Meloni, with a leadership exercise, made it clear that the government that was born is Atlanticist and pro-European, without ifs or buts”. These are the words of Maurizio Lupi to La Stampa. “If a leader says something wrong, each of us has the right and the responsibility to say it’s wrong. For heaven’s sake, the stolen audio is absolutely irrelevant, extrapolating the sentences from the reasoning. Friendship is not denied, but there is politics. Putin right now is not only wrong but he is the cause of a war in the heart of Europe”.

Meloni: “Ready to give Italy a competent government”

“Tomorrow, with the entire center-right coalition, we will go up to the Quirinal for consultations with the President of the Republic Mattarella. We are ready to give Italy a government that faces the urgencies and challenges of our time with awareness and competence”. Giorgia Meloni wrote yesterday, the day of the consultations of the opposition and the presidents of the chambers.

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