It’s not the Arena, breathtaking previews: “The repentant mafia will reveal everything”



Big news and juicy previews in the Saturday, November 5 episode of Non è l’Arena, Massimo Giletti’s oft-reviewed show

Next Saturday, November 5, broadcaster La7 will air a special episode of the famous in-depth container Non è l’Arena. The show directed by Massimo Giletti will tackle increasingly hot topics.

Massimo Giletti (La 7 screen)

In recent months, Non è l’Arena has dealt with very delicate issues, with particular emphasis on the war in Ukraine (the intervention of the Russian Minister Lavrov is known and discussed), but also on current events concerning our country, like the violence of the entrepreneur Alberto Genovese .

In this case, Massimo Giletti will delve into even more dangerous and delicate subjects. This is the fight against the mafia, the real cancer of our country and beyond. Expected revelations and unexpected statements ready to culminate in the hearings.

Massimo Giletti and the controversies of the mafia: the repentant will finally reveal his face

Questioned by TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, Massimo Giletti confessed to wanting to investigate mafia issues, in particular to shed light on certain subjects which are still talked about too little: “Nobody else talks about it. Let’s pretend it’s gone. Instead, he lives underground and does business everywhere.”

The highlight of the special episode of Non è l’Arena will be the interview with Gaspare Mutolo. He is a well-known repentant mafioso, former driver and confidant of the boss Totò Riina, author of at least 20 murders according to the reconstructions of the magistrates. The arrest of Gaspare Mutolo (web source)

“For the first time, Mutolo will show his face on television. He was Riina’s driver and confidant. He is guilty of 20 murders and participated in 70 other murders. He risks a lot of saying to himself” – admitted Giletti who will thus try to shed light on the disappearance of Riina’s private documents, which cannot be found in the boss’ lair in Palermo.

And more: Massimo Giletti will also interview the Piedmontese glacier Salvatore Baiardo. He is the one who was entrusted with the leadership of the Mafia family Graviano during their inaction. Filippo Graviano, a former Cosa Nostra affiliate, has long made serious threats against Giletti, who has been living under guard for some time so as not to risk ambushes and unpleasant surprises.

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