‘It’s a closed chapter’: Giaele De Donà made the drastic decision



The twists at Big Brother Vip continue. New releases, new appointments and new grievances. This is the case of Giaele De Donà, for her this time it is a closed chapter. A gieffino character hurt her, made the drastic decision and won’t turn back.

Inside the most spied house ever, new groups are forming. It’s impossible to like everyone, but the most hated are the fake ones who have an attitude first and as soon as you’re distracted for a moment they stab you in the back. Giaele De Donà knows something about it.

Giaele De Donà Solocine.it

Gieffina Giaele De Donà really would not have expected such an attitude. For her, the definitively closed chapter will not change her opinion on this character. This is what we understood during an outburst with a colleague from his Gf adventure.

What happened on Thursday night’s episode?

Thursday night at Big Brother Vip there were a lot of twists and turns. The episode was certainly about Marco Bellavia’s return to the studio, the comparison with his former Gieffini colleagues, the virtual hug with Pamela Prati and the apologies of Elettra Lamborghini, Giovanni Ciacci and (the almost apologies of ) Gegia. To top it off, the many nominations took their toll.

The piquant speech between two gieffine

Giaele De Donà did not minimize the nomination received by Carolina Marconi. During a conversation in the garden with his colleague Patrizia Rossetti, De Donà does not spare insults and unfriendly remarks against Marconi. Clearly, Rossetti fully approves. What is certain is that Giaele De Donà has taken the drastic decision, the hatchet against Carolina will not withdraw it so easily.

Giaele and Patrizia against Carolina Solocine.it

For Giaele De Donà it’s officially a closed chapter, as she told Patrizia Rossetti, because she Carolina Marconi is a fake and she wants nothing more than to know about her:

“For me it’s a closed chapter: it’s false and it remains false, I even told her before in the garden that she had approached me to provoke me since I was talking to Charlie. She started to tell me: ‘Are you flirting with Charlie too?’ Patrizia Rossetti supports her and concludes the speech: “… even in the dance, I told her, think about who is behind you, don’t do this pussy that makes 5, 6,7,8…do the Prati, not even Pamela, who has been doing this job for a lifetime, does it, pull herself together’, because she loves being the first woman. “Get in control,” I told him. You want to be the center of attention”.

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