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Items | Almost 30 years later, ‘Se7en – The Seven Deadly Crimes’ remains David Fincher’s best film



David Fincher is one of the most well-known and acclaimed directors in the cinematic scene, whose career spans highly insightful titles that have become huge hits due to their depth of subject matter and style. automatically recognizable style. It’s no surprise that Fincher is seen not just as a filmmaker, but as an auteur, managing to chart a creative line that sets him apart from others on his rise to stardom.

For those who don’t remember, Fincher made his official debut in 1992 when he directed “Alien³”, the third chapter in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi saga – but trouble with the defunct 20th Century Fox and with executives at the production company and the feature forced him to relinquish any involvement with the title. So, given the director’s decision, it’s only fitting that we consider his debut three years later, with the big climax of ‘Se7en – The Seven Deadly Crimes’, a mystery thriller remembered to this day as the one of the best of its kind. graced the big screen.

Released in 1995, the story takes several thriller movie conventionalisms and puts the spotlight on two detectives who are pursuing an extremely dangerous serial killer. Morgan Freeman plays Detective William Somerset, a local police veteran who is given the partnership of young Detective David Mills (played by none other than Brad Pitt). After stumbling upon a gruesome scene in which a man was forced to eat until his stomach exploded, the duo find themselves on the trail of a serial killer determined to leave his mark on the world by collecting victims. which refer to the Seven Deadly Sins portrayed in Catholic Mythology. And with each new clue they find, the killer’s plan comes to fruition and casts a cloud of angst across the city.

Despite the positive reviews upon release, not everyone fell in love with the plot Fincher constructed – likely for the scenic rawness portrayed in each of the murders and the way the story unfolds to deliver us a terrible conclusion. But, almost thirty years later, the growing importance of feature films for understanding the meaning of cinema and for reflecting on audiovisual allegories, the human psyche and tragedy as social spectacle is remarkable. It’s no surprise, then, that the feature is one of the best released by Fincher, and even with the recognition, it’s even more deserving of our attention.

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One of the main themes is, as one can imagine, the multiple stories that deal with the seven deadly sins. The set of sins represents a kind of human weakness and man’s estrangement from the divine – which explains his worldliness and makes him susceptible to many errors. However, in ‘Se7en’, the notoriety of human error takes on a new proportion, in which the villain known as John Doe (who is only revealed to us to be Kevin Spacey in the work’s final act) wants to expose the rot of those who hide who really is, they go through a mandatory confrontation of inner demons.

The first sin to be “eternalized” is that of gluttony, in which an obese man is tied to a chair and forced to eat until he dies (above above); the second features a defense attorney forced to cut off nearly a pound of his own flesh and dying of hemorrhage, representing greed; the third refers to a drug dealer and pedophile who was incarcerated in a bed unable to move, representing laziness; the fourth forces a man to rape a prostitute with a belt made of knives, alluding to lust; the fifth victim, symbol of pride; is a model whose face was mutilated by John Doe, having the option of living the rest of his life disfigured or committing suicide by taking a massive amount of pills; and, finally, the murderer himself and Mills’ impulse complete the cycle of terror with envy and anger, respectively.

Many references can be seen in the events that take shape: Dante Alighieri and his “Divine Comedy”, as well as Geoffrey Chaucer and “The Canterbury Tales”, are introduced in the twisted mind of Fincher and the screenplay of Andrew Kevin Walker . Both classic literary productions take on a modernized and revamped appearance in which the teachings and social types immortalized by Alighieri and Chaucer are transposed into the impending doom of what we know as humanity and how, ultimately, nothing we do does not matter in the face of the inexorability of our sins. . Now even William Shakespeare and “The Merchant of Venice” are mentioned indirectly in the feature film, in which the antagonist Shylock is one of the personifications played by John Doe – although the characterization of the character is subject to considerable problems.

But that’s not all: John Doe’s goal is to prove a point – that kindness does not exist and that we are all doomed to make dramatic mistakes. As seen in the film, the detectives in charge of the case are unable to solve it; on the contrary, it is the murderer who decides to go to the police and reveal the whereabouts of the latest victims, as long as Somerset and Mills accompany him. If they refuse to take him, he will plead insanity and walk away unscathed for the crimes he committed. And it is in this act of triumph, which materializes the plans of Spacey’s character, that the two protagonists face off in a fight for what they represent. In a complex tale of ‘Oedipus the King’, the investigators’ already conflicted personalities are swept away by the bellicose clash between the stoicism and integrity of Somerset and the explosive impetuosity of Mills – whose fate written in a kind of ironic fortune is which foreshadows the misfortune of the grand finale.

‘Se7en – The Seven Capital Crimes’ lives on as one of the greatest masterpieces of the seventh art and, even using formulas constantly seen in the genre, it manages to transform itself into something original and that takes our breath away from the first to the last minute.

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