Italians, it was not necessary: ​​prices are still soaring, the deadline is imminent



New economic and financial problems for Italians. Prices are rising again, it will be a very difficult time again

The delicate moment is not yet behind us. Indeed, the Italians will once again have to resist and face a price increase, a situation that does not seem to want to end in this complex year 2022.

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In this case, we are referring to further deadly increases in fuel costs. Already these days, as consumers and drivers have seen firsthand, gasoline and diesel prices are high again.

The risk is that in the coming weeks there could be dramatic increases, to say the least, also due to an impending deadline: the reduction in excise duties on gasoline imposed by the government.

Petrol and diesel prices high again: Excise cut expires on October 31

To go into detail, as Quotidiano Energia proposes, the national average price of do-it-yourself gasoline is indeed at 1,690 euros per liter, a marked increase compared to the 1,656 euros recorded on Friday, with certain brands even at 1,708 euros. . The national price of still self-service diesel is instead of 1,836 euros, with an even more obvious jump compared to the average of 1,765 euros last Friday.

Moreover, as expected, remember that the decree on the reduction of excise duties will expire on October 31. That is to say that in the event of non-extension of this provision, fuel from November 1 will suffer a surge in prices precisely with the return to the economic calculation of the old taxes on gasoline and diesel. Fuel pump (photo Ansa)

Fortunately, the Aid-Ter decree extended the reduction in these excise duties from October 18 to October 31, thus offering consumers two additional weeks of respite. But what will happen in November remains to be determined.

The increase in the cost of refueling represents, according to Codacons, not only damage to motorists, but also a serious risk to the costs of Italians. Indeed, the consumer association reports that 85% of goods distributed in Italy transit by road, with a knock-on effect between the price of fuel and that of food and non-food products.

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