“It was heard loud and clear”: the authors of the Gf Vip in despair | Another disqualification



This edition of Big Brother Vip is decimating its competitors at the speed of light. Between disqualifications and eliminations, the Vpponi come out like wildfire. A new disqualification could take place on Monday. A word that was not meant to be said was heard loud and clear.

There are very specific rules about what you can and cannot say on TV. Big Brother knows this very well, because in the past, for cases similar to those on Friday October 13, competitors have been immediately disqualified.

Gf Vip 7 Solocine.it

It is unclear why the accused VIP is still in the House. Could it be that Signorini is trying to forgive some irregularities so that he doesn’t have to run a program with a completely empty house?

No disqualification…

The Marco Bellavia case is still very painful in the hearts of viewers. Isn’t it clear why some competitors from past editions have been disqualified for certain attitudes, even offensive ones if you will, while others remain unpunished? Big Brother should make an official list of what can and cannot be said on TV. This is the case of the past edition where Katia Ricciarelli had commented with a homophobic sentence on the status of a VIP colleague and nothing was done, while others served as scapegoats. Does it perhaps depend on who utters the insult?

Way of speaking or insult?

In parts of Italy, blasphemy seems to be the order of the day in common parlance. If in the spoken language this way of expressing oneself is unfortunately tolerated, in the microphones of television, it is not. Yet a competitor to the cursed Gf Vip 7 with the mics on, everyone heard it loud and clear and no one intervened, despite public criticism on social media.

Amaurys Perez Solocine.it

We are talking about Gieffino Amaurys Perez, who is not new to this kind of language. In view of the many messages received from management, Alfonso Signorini responded to this story with these words:

“I tell you that an alleged blasphemy was reported to us during the live. Of course, as you know, the consequences, in case of blasphemy, are absolutely harsh, and for this very reason the fact must be irrefutable above of any doubt, and requires verification with the most appropriate tools. We will keep you informed and in the next episode, that of Monday October 17, if anyone has cursed they will leave the House immediately”

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