“It was difficult to continue”, Tina Cipollari opens her heart: the torments of the past



To promote the autobiographical text, Tina Cipollari gave a long interview to which she opened her heart without fear

We are used to seeing the blonde columnist always tall and hot towards the participants of Maria De Filippi’s dating show. Behind this crust, however, hides a troubled past.

Men and women, columnist Tina Cipollari in transmission (Instagram photo).

From today the autobiography of Tina Cipollari is in bookstores, a very touching book which tells of her difficult childhood. In the weekly Chi, the columnist of Men and Women said: “I had two dresses, two pairs of shoes and a teacher who called me ‘zero’. It was difficult, very difficult to tell and especially sometimes I had to stop, I realized that there were episodes that I had placed in a block, that I had almost deleted.

Today the blonde columnist who sits next to Gianni Sperti is smiling, often funny, but even more so she never fails to have her say and to argue on the floor if necessary. Writing this autobiography for the columnist seems to have been therapeutic and it thanks today this sad child who allowed her to become the person she is today.

Tina Cipollari and her difficult childhood: the desire to help parents

Tina Cipollari (Mediaset screen)

During the interview with Chi, Tina Cipollari revealed that she had a childhood that was not too happy, but that she always dreamed of doing everything for her mother and father: “I wanted to redeem myself and I wanted to help my parents”, he confided the columnist who also admits that the campaign is still in his heart, despite the memories of the suffering childhood he lived. His house didn’t particularly like the columnist who confessed: “The horror movie wardrobe and that ugly house. I was ashamed to say: ‘I live there’”.

Tina Cipollari has shown since she was a child that she is a woman of one piece and with good principles. During the interview, she confessed that she never asked anything more from her parents, either from an academic point of view or just for fun, because she was perfectly aware that her parents gave her already everything they could have given him.

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