“It sounds like Biagio D’Anelli’s voice”: how is Mark Caltagirone’s real voice | VIDEO



An audio revealed the voice of Mark Caltagirone, “boyfriend” of showgirl Pamela Prati. It really resembles that of the former gieffino Biagio D’Anelli.

The story of Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone has been one of the best known in the entertainment world in recent years. The showgirl declared this alleged relationship some time ago, but it was in 2019 that the subject gained unprecedented media visibility. The showgirl has indeed participated in many television shows where she talked about her partner, her children and the upcoming marriage.

Biagio D’Anelli and Pamela Prati – Solocine.it

Pamela Prati has worked in television since she was very young and reached the height of fame in the 80s and 90s. In the last period she had started to appear less and less on television and had justified her absence by explaining that she had fallen in love and that she wanted to devote herself to her private life, after many years of work.

She had said that her companion was called Mark (or Marco) Caltagirone, that he was younger than her, that he was an entrepreneur and that he was also very reserved, which is why he absolutely did not want to appear on the screens or in the gossip newspapers. This man also had two children, whom the same host later took into foster care.

However, we all know the sad ending to this story. Eventually it turned out that the presenter had been plagiarized, cruelly deceived, and there was no man named Mark Caltagirone.

Pamela Prati and the voice of Mark Caltagirone: listening during Big Brother

At the moment Pamela Prati is in the house of Big Brother Vip. During a conversation with the other tenants, the subject “Mark Caltagirone” happened to be brought up, but she always appeared to be uncomfortable, preferring not to broach such a painful subject. She declared on several occasions, in fact, that she had no intention of deceiving anyone, that she was sincerely in love and sincerely believed in her existence and that of the children. But what does it mean that he also heard his voice?

During an episode of Alfonso Signorini’s show, an audio was sent in which the alleged voice of Mark Caltagirone can be heard. It’s unclear who it really belongs to, but it looks a lot like Biagio D’Anelli, who appeared on the show last year. The video was posted on Instagram from the mondodelreality profile, which immediately received many comments and likes from fans.

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