“It hurts”, a small accident for Belen Rodriguez: how is she now



Belen Rodriguez has remedied a small domestic accident she complained about on her Instagram profile: how is she now

The Argentinian showgirl complained of a small inconvenience due to a domestic accident – ​​which she fortunately took well – but which gave her a hard time. The way he remedied it then made the protagonist smile.


Belen Rodriguez is back very active on social networks. While the professional career is advancing at full speed, the showgirl cannot even complain about the private life which has found a certain balance with Stefano De Martino and his two children, while the father of Luna Marì is in the house of the GF Vip by honoring every pact and avoiding mentioning her on the reality show.

On Instagram, in recent hours, she has exhibited herself with ballet: the Argentine soul emerges from the dance steps published which have bewitched her followers. However, it was while dancing that she had a small accident and treated a not too serious injury, given that she returned to work this morning without any particular sequelae which prevented her from living her daily life.

Belen Rodriguez takes a kick in the foot: “The usual is causing trouble”


Tonight, Belen Rodriguez posted a photo of her visibly swollen foot in which she laughed at the little accident she suffered on her own: “I must say it hurts a little, but tomorrow at You if that vales there will be the same. Your usual troublemaker. Anyway I hurt myself dancing, I would do it again”.

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