“It became a fury, it fell on me”, says Francesca Fagnani in the nightmarish interview



An interview that ended very badly for Francesca Fagnani who asked, once and for all, a drastic position at Rai

The Belve host has always had more or less uncomfortable interviews that have upset the balance, but in this case he went further. The host was even aggressive towards her.


From tomorrow, Tuesday November 1, the Belve program will resume, consisting of interviews with Francesca Fagnini who has always upset the balance, created chaos and sensation. As expected by the presenter herself, this year there are those who did not have the attitude of a model guest, anything but that.

In Nuovo, Fagnini spoke of a character already known in the news to be sui generis who is the one who has created the most difficulties: “Recorded interview with Massimo Ferrero, former president of Sampdoria. Finally he asks me to cut a question and I say no. It becomes a fury, it almost comes over me and hides the release inside the shirt, running away. […] I hope this time Rai keeps the point and gets it on the air. You have to stop being intimidated by the host. We must rediscover the sense of dignity of our profession. Cuts and other requests are not accepted.”

Beasts, Francesca Fagnini and the uncomfortable truths: there are those who refused

Aurelio De Laurentiis (Getty Photo)

From one president to another, that of the Neapolitan company directly declined the invitation to avoid coming up against awkward questions. Francesca Fagnini notably mentioned two characters who refused to undergo the lights of the Belve studio, in particular those who ask questions in advance, but who are not planned for the vision of the presenter herself: “It’s arrived, but I always say no. De Laurentiis did not come for that. Noemi Letizia, on the other hand, disappeared. Everything was already organized, then after the election results he did not show up, without giving any explanations”.

The case of the former president of Sampdoria is not the only one, because in the past, Elettra Lamborghini also asked not to broadcast his interview as Alessandro Cattelan recently revealed in Stasera ago Cattelan: ” Last year he hurt us a lot because it was a very funny, very nice interview. I don’t think she didn’t like my questions, but she didn’t like your answers. To a At one point, her agent called me and said she didn’t like political questions, but I had never asked her questions.”

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