Isabella Ricci, unseen wedding photos appear: the dress is mind-blowing



Isabella Ricci, contestant of Men and women over got married: the dress she chose for the wedding is incredible. Here is the photo.

Certainly, over the years, many couples have found love through men and women. One of them is the one formed by Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani who, after training through the program, also got married some time ago. But have you seen the dress she wore for this very happy occasion? It’s to make you lose your mind.

Isabelle Ricci – Solocine.it

Over the past few years, Maria De Filippi has expanded her famous Men and Women show to new categories, including that of the pluses. As the title suggests, this version of the love program is dedicated exclusively to couples of a certain age, and not to young boys as in the classic version. Even in this version, however, many characters have found love, as well as Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani, who even got married.

For the former suitor, this is not the first marriage. Before subscribing to the Mediaset program, in fact, she was married for fifteen years: a very long and intense story, without children. After a period of being single, she rediscovered love and remarried: here is the dress she wore to the reception.

Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani, wedding photos

Isabella Ricci does not particularly like to talk about herself and therefore information about her private life is very difficult to find. We do know, however, that participating in Maria De Filippi’s dating show was not her choice: it was in fact one of her employees who signed her up for the casting.

Before falling in love with her current husband, she flirted with Biagio Di Maro, former partner of columnist Gemma Galgani and the other lady Sabina, and with Aldo Farella. Both encounters didn’t go well, but luckily he then met Fabio Mantovani.

Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani – Solocine.it

The couple tied the knot on May 28, five months after leaving Men and Women. They invited other well-known faces from the show to the ceremony, including Marcello Messina and Samantha Curcio. The pet-care entrepreneur recently posted photos from the party on her Instagram profile. Here she is cutting the cake with her new partner: not only is the happiness evident on the faces of both of them catching the eye, but also the beautiful dress she has chosen for this important occasion, low-cut and very bright. No doubt, it was truly magnificent.

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