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Is There Going To Be ‘Good Burger 2’?



Good Burger 2

Order Up! Good Burger 2 is officially happening. Yes, we had to give you this exciting update beforehand. The teen comedy is back with a sequel. Get ready to have a lot of fun with Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

The initial movie Good Burger follows the story of a high school student who starts working in a fast-food restaurant called Good Burger. He has to pay for the damages he caused to his teacher’s car.

Good Burger received great praise from the audience and garnered $23.7 million on a production budget of $8.5 million. Now having a sequel is like a cherry on the cake for the audience. Lucky for you, a lot of updates are out including the release date!

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Good Burger 2 Release Date Is Set Paramount+

Good Burger 2 is scheduled to release on November 22, 2023, on the streaming network Paramount+. This sequel starring the star-studded personalities Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Good Burger 2 is going to follow the story after twenty-six years of the events that took place in the initial movie.

We will see the inventor Dexter Reed reuniting with his co-worker Ed once again in their old workplace, Good Burger. The audience will get to watch what these characters have been up to since the last time we watched them.

Is There Going To Be ‘Good Burger 2’ Release

The official storyline of the movie is also released. It reads, “Dexter Reed [Thompson] is down on his luck after another one of his inventions fails. Ed [Mitchell] welcomes Dex back to Good Burger with open arms and gives him his old job back.

With a new crew working at Good Burger, Dex devises a plan to get back on his feet but unfortunately puts the fate of Good Burger at risk once again.”

Good Burger 2 Trailer 

We all need a first look at the duo. Good Burger 2 teaser trailer is officially out. It gave the audience a chaotic look at what to expect from the upcoming sequel. The teaser trailer begins with Ed almost running over Dex with his good burger car. Good Burger 2 is packed with ‘a lot of hijinks’. You can check out the teaser trailer below to get a glimpse. 

Thompson explained, “Love performing with my brother Kel and can’t wait to show the fans what these characters have been up to since we last saw them.” 

Good Burger 2 Cast Rundown Is Here

What makes Good Burger a successful franchise? The extraordinary performance of its cast members. You will be thrilled to know that the official rundown of the Good Burger 2 cast is already confirmed. We are going to see the star-studded personalities in humor once again. You can check out the list below!

  • Kenan Thompson as Dexter Reed
  • Kel Mitchell as Ed
  • Josh Server as Fizz
  • Lori Beth Denberg as Connie Muldoon
  • Alex R. Hibbert as Ed2 [Ed’s son]
  • Emily Hinkler as Mindy
  • Anabel Graetz as Ruth
  • Jillian Bell as Katt Boswell [CEO of MegaCorp]
  • Lil Rel Howery as Cecil McNevin [lawyer for the corporation MegaCorp] 
  • Carmen Electra as Roxanne
  • Kamaia Fairburn
  • Fabrizio Guido
  • Elizabeth Hinkler
Good Burger 2 Release Date


Good Burger 2 will give audiences a hilarious time. Watching the duo back on screen has already piqued the attention of the audience. It will be exciting to watch what these two are up to after such a long time.

The teaser trailer promised us a great time. What are your thoughts on this upcoming sequel? Feel free to drop them in the comment section.

We are still waiting for an official trailer to be released. If you want to watch it, then stay tuned with us. We will keep the audience posted on any latest Good Burger 2 updates! 

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1. Is Good Burger 2 On Netflix?

At the moment, Good Burger 2 will officially release on the streaming network Paramount+. 

2. Is Good Burger 2 A Movie Or Series?

Good Burger 2 is a comedy movie and a sequel to ‘Good Burger’ that was released in 1997. 

3. Where Is Good Burger 2 Filming?

    The upcoming movie Good Burger 2 is filmed in Rhode Island. Other locations include Warwick, East Greenwich, Providence, and East Providence. 

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