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Is ‘The Mole’ Reboot Season 2 Happening On Netflix?



The Mole Netflix

The Mole is a high-stakes competition series.

The Mole has made a triumphant return to Netflix after a lengthy hiatus. We’d like to resume the guessing game. After the first season of ‘The Mole’ reboot, spectators have been waiting for another season to be renewed.

This reimagined version is far superior and incredible. The first season of The Reboot was hosted by Alex Wagner. The official synopsis from Netflix reads, “Twelve players complete challenges while trying to identify the one among them who’s sabotaging their missions in this reboot of the cult-classic series.” Let’s get into the details of a possible season two.

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‘The Mole’ Season 2 Is Returning On Netflix

We’re going to get a new cast of characters, which will increase the excitement. The Mole will return for a second season on the Netflix streaming platform. The cast and host are still under wraps, but knowing there will be another season is exciting.

Wagner said to Tudum in September 2022, “The original Mole was a sort of seismic event in American television. It broke the mold. There’s every reason to watch the reboot because I think the concept of the show is ever more resonant today.

We have refreshed a lot of the elements to make them even more compelling than the original — and that was pretty damn compelling.” She also said that the strategy to play the game would be to ‘Kill them with kindness.’

The Mole Season 2

The Mole Is Inspired By A True Crime Documentary 

Now that sounds shocking, right? The executive producer Culvenor of the series said that a true crime documentary inspired the show.

“If you remember, a few years back there was this great documentary called Don’t F**k with Cats that was on Netflix. And on that, you saw all these armchair detectives solve this incredibly complex case. And that was the spark in my head.”

Also added, “That led me to think we now live in a different world from when The Mole launched. True crime is extremely popular. Crime podcasts are extremely popular. Everyone has a little bit of detective in them.

So what better time to look at bringing back this classic format? So we worked with the original creators, who are from Belgium. We pitched our vision of how we wanted to reimagine The Mole. And we worked with them hand in hand with Netflix to launch it in 2022. So it was the process of being a superfan initially. But that documentary series spark sparked the idea of bringing it back.”

The Team Always Wanted To Take ‘The Mole’ To Incredible Destinations 

The executive producer also mentioned before that they would love to take the series to more incredible destinations. 

“I think one of the things that’s great about this show is people go on this incredible adventure internationally. This season, Australia offered so many incredible destinations. So I’m excited to take the show to other destinations.

And just like great action franchises take place in different continents, I’d love to do the same with The Mole. So that’s where I can see us taking the same twisting incredible mystery, but maybe with a different setting and different backdrop.”

What are your speculations on the new season? Are you excited to have another season? You’re welcome to stay tuned with us for more details on the new cast.

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