Is ‘The Law According To Lidia Poet’ Season 2 Happening? 



Are you waiting for the release of The Law According To Lidia Poet just like us? Well, let’s get you started on the recent updates. The series is loosely based on the life of Lidia Pöet. She is the first modern female lawyer in Italy. The series released on 15 February 2023 and spectators are already waiting for another season!

In The Law According to Lidia Poet, the first qualified lawyer Lidia is banned from practicing law. While going through with multiple challenges, she investigates murders. The series even won a Best Crime Series award! There are a lot of reasons for it to be renewed, now let’s discuss that. 

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The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 Release Date

“If God wanted you to be a lawyer he would not have made you a woman.”

The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 is happening! In June 2023, the streaming platform Netflix confirmed that there’s going to be another season. According to reports, the second season will be released in Spring 2024. It will consist of a total number of 6 episodes just like the previous season.

The series will explore more of Lidia’s life and her challenging journey as a female lawyer. The production on the upcoming season is speculated to conclude by October 2023 with filming taking place in Turin.

Well, the renewal of the second season is not surprising considering the fact that it has received excellent reviews from the audience and gained popularity. 

The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 Trailer

The best thing about a new upcoming season is definitely the trailer. It gives us an idea about what the new season will be all about. At the moment, the official trailer of The Law According To Lidia Poet season 2 is not out.

That’s understandable because the season is still in development. After the filming is concluded we can expect a trailer & teaser soon. In the meantime, you can catch up on the trailer of the initial season though.

The official synopsis of the series by Netflix reads, “The Law According to Lidia Poët is inspired by a true story: that of the first lawyer in Italy, of the daily injustices for which she fought, of her fierce defense of the innocent, of the studies and investigations to discover the truth and the revolution that has taken place in the world of jurisprudence thanks to her.”

The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 Cast Speculation

We all are excited to meet the cast of The Law According To Lidia Poet in season two! It’s definitely going to be amazing. We will get a chance to watch Matilda De Angelis as Lidia Poët once again along with other main characters. They will definitely leave a lasting impact on the audience once again. We have listed the main characters of the series for you to catch up on. 

  • Matilda De Angelis as Lidia Poët
  • Eduardo Scarpetta as Jacopo Barberis
  • Pier Luigi Pasino as Enrico Poët
  • Sinéad Thornhill as Marianna Poët
  • Sara Lazzaro as Teresa Barberis
  • Dario Aita as Andrea Caracciolo


We are sure that the second season will be extraordinary. It will explore more of Lidia’s struggle as a female lawyer and still achieving things in life. There will be character development, an intense and hilarious storyline, and more!

Looks like Lidia Pöet has a lot waiting for us. It’s going to be showtime soon. Want to know the specific release date of The Law According To Lidia Poet season 2?

Then stay tuned with us. We will keep you posted on all the recent developments. Feel free to share your opinion on this series in the comment section!

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