Is Meghan Markle back in the movies?



When she married Prince Harry, Meghan Markle agreed to leave her past life behind. This certainly included her own acting work, which led her to achieve great fame in the past. According to a royal family business expert, however, the Duchess of Sussex is close to a turning point to return to her old life.

Markle could look back on her past acting career by marking even more distance from the English Crown. In his last bomb interview broadcast on Variety, in fact, he would have sent subliminal messages that would have allowed him to understand.


On the other hand, Prince Harry’s wife has never completely excluded herself from the world of entertainment. In recent years, she has posed for photo shoots, lent her voice to documentaries, hosted podcasts and appeared on well-known American shows. The return to play could therefore complete the return to life as before.

Is Meghan Markle going back to basics? Words from the expert

To be sure of Meghan Markle’s intentions, royal expert Neil Sean. Carefully analyzing Meghan’s interview with Variety, Sean noted that she had mentioned her past role “a total of seven times”. Speaking in a recent video on her YouTube channel, the commentator claimed an ‘anonymous’ person who worked on the set of Meghan’s last interview said the Duchess may be predisposed to a ‘return to acting’ “.


In fact, in the latest interview, the Duchess of Sussex said her role in Suits was “the biggest thing that has happened to her in her acting career.” Rachel’s role in the beloved television series has indeed brought her international fame. The source added that Prince Harry’s wife clearly wanted to “get back to acting”, but “of course on her terms”.


Many experts also noted that the photos from the interview followed in the footsteps of Julia Roberts, who would be a role model for the Duchess of Sussex. Markle could therefore be considering a great romantic comedy. On the other hand, in her Archetypes podcast, Prince Harry’s wife opened up about how acting in Deal or No Deal made her feel like an object. According to the source, therefore, the Duchess would wait for the “good proposal to be considered”. It goes without saying that this could further exacerbate the already precarious relationship with the English royal family.

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