Is ‘Lockwood & Co’ Season 2 Happening?



Lockwood & Co has caught everyone’s attention. The entire story is captivating, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Lockwood & Co is a detective fiction about a girl with psychic powers who joins two teen boys at the ghost-hunting agency Lockwood & Co to battle the deadly spirits plaguing London, doing their finest to save the day without adult supervision.

Despite the fact that the series only recently premiered in January 2023, audiences are already wondering about its continuation. And we can’t wait to find out if there will be more seasons of the amazing show. Let’s get into the details.

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‘Lockwood & Co’ Season 2 RenewalIs Still Pending

Lockwood & Co season 2 renewal status is still pending by Netflix. There has been no official confirmation from Netflix or the team that another season will be renewed.

And it’s not surprising given how recently the series was released. Because the streaming platform takes time to renew a show for another season

There should be more seasons, and Cornish stated that more seasons are needed to complete the story.

“Well, there are five books. Season 1 encompasses the first two books. So we think there’s definitely two more seasons we’d love to make out of the remaining books.”

Cornish added, “It’s lovely to be working on a story where, if you read the books, you kind of know where it’s going, and you know that it’s all been thought through, it’s a breadcrumb trail – little breadcrumbs have been laid in this season that then pays off massively as the story goes forward.

So it’s not one of these things where we’re making it up as we go along. There’s very much an overall game plan.

And the books get better and better, and more and more spectacular, with incredible set pieces, incredible character twists, amazing developments, conflicts, and challenges for the characters. So for us, this is the starter course.

And we would love it if we got to serve the full meal. This is a tortured analogy, but I’ve taken it all the way.”

The Team Of ‘Lockwood & Co’ Is All In For More Seasons

Ruby Stokes also talked about her excitement and hope for more seasons. Ruby’s character Lucy should be back on the screen.

Ruby said, “100%. I’d love to see it go again. That’s what I hoped for. I’d love to see Lucy’s character evolve, and see where Lockwood and Co go. Who else might come to the agency or leave the agency in turn? Yeah, I’d love to.”

She then talked about her character as Lucy in the series, “What attracted me to the role of Lucy was that she’s not just the center of the story or the hero, but she’s a well-rounded, fleshed out, very normal teenage girl.

She manages to balance this ghost world with going through that universal experience of being a teenager while speaking her mind and being unapologetically herself. She reminded me a lot of myself – only [she’s] much cooler.”

The creator also explained, “The story in the books is very well-plotted. Jonathan Stroud solidifies the world and thinks of clever ways to explore it the more the books go on.

It really goes somewhere, and it does have an end. So yeah, we’d love to do more.”

If there is another season, we will see the characters and their struggles continue. The renewal or cancelation should be announced anytime soon and we’re hoping on the bright side.

You’re welcome to let us know if you want another season of the series in the comments section below. And stay in touch with us because we will keep you updated on the renewal status.

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