Is ‘Kindred’ Season 2 Happening On FX?



‘Kindred’ is an amazing science fiction series with an extraordinary narrative. Dana has just moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her only residual family member, her Aunt Denise. However, she is teleported to the Antebellum South in the nineteenth century.

The eight-episode season premiered a lot of interesting things that keep the audience engaged in another season. We definitely want to see more of Dana’s journey. Kindred was welcomed by a great audience. The season concluded with Dana in peril.

Along with Kevin pursuing a runaway slave. And Tom attempting to bring peace to his plantation. Let’s explore if we are going to get more seasons in the coming future.

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‘Kindred’ Season 2 Is Canceled By FX

Dana’s journey has come to its conclusion already. According to the reports, Kindred season 2 is not going to happen. FX has officially canceled the series.

And this comes as a surprise to spectators, given how positively the series has been received. It’s unusual for FX to cancel a show after only one season.

And Deadline reported that FX “is known for carefully curating its slate and taking time to develop projects, sometimes redoing a pilot, and most of its shows stick around for a while.”

‘Kindred’ Might Find A New Home

Kindred could find a new home, which is not uncommon because when a show is canceled by one network, it is sometimes resurrected by another. Jacobs-Jenkins also noted that he has many plans for the future of Kindred. And he also mentioned massive plans for a second season.

Jacobs-Jenkins said, “The writers and I are working very hard on the plans for Season Two. We have a lot planned for Season Two, Season Three, and Season Four.

I always encourage people to read the book, though if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself, definitely don’t keep reading. But yes, there are plans for season two. Big dreams.”

The Showrunner Hoped For More Seasons

Jacobs-Jenkins expressed hope for another season in an interview last year.

He said, “[I saw ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’] engaging a viewership, not playing the game of like, ‘guess what happens,’ but like you were really watching a writer write in real-time.

I felt like there was a real sense of feeling time pass, like the pleasure inside that space is watching these characters develop and grow. That was part of what was making the show.

You were paying attention to that, as opposed to just like, ‘This is a season of television. I hope it comes back next season.’”

He also said that they could tell the story in 100s of episodes.

“The book is so rich. I think you could tell this story in a hundred episodes — and teaching people how to watch the show requires time. In addition to introducing us to two honestly separate, different play worlds. It was tricky.

There’s a kind of game you can play of, ‘Oh, every episode is basically a procedural or a short story unto itself.’ [But] people are watching these three in a row, so what can you give people that can create a cumulative effect over three hours as opposed to a half-hour, a full hour?

‘What kind of longer shapes can you make?’ is a big question I think is worth asking all the time, given that’s how people are consuming a streamed show that’s dropped in one night.”

Johnson talked about the famous character Dana. Johnson said, “She’s really going through it in this story, especially bouncing between two different worlds in two different spaces in this extremely discordant, confusing, and uncertain way. Dana is just someone who’s a pillar of strength to me.”

What are your opinions on the cancelation of the series? You’re welcome to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. And let’s hope for another streaming platform to pick up Kindred.

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