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Is ‘Kill la Kill’ Season 2 Ever Going To Happen?



Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date

Kill la Kill season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience. The anime changed the trajectory of many viewers. All of the 24 episodes streaming have kept the audience engaged. It’s been 9 years since then, and we’re still wondering about the possibilities of Kill la Kill season 2.

If you’re wondering the same, here’s everything you need to know. Kill la Kill’s plot is full of elements that surprise the audience. Let’s explore if Kill la Kill season 2 is happening and what are the latest updates.

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Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date Speculation

It is highly unlikely that Kill la Kill season 2 will happen. The finale of the show ended with the villains all destroyed. The satisfying ending points towards no chance for another season. 

Kill la Kill also resolved all major plot points, with the Goku uniform and Senketsu. Our protagonist left to build her life anew, with her friends Mako and Satsuki. There might be a possibility that Kill la Kill ends up with a new different anime.

Those are just speculations though. Moreover, the studio that created the anime most likely decided not to spend much time and finances because it already had a conclusive ending. 

Studio Trigger has other successful anime from its recent run like Cyberpunk Edgerunner, that’s worth watching. 

Kill la Kill Season 2 Trailer

What Is Kill la Kill Anime About?

The plot of Kill la Kill follows a high school girl Ryuko Matoi. She is on a quest to find her father’s killers, with a special weapon, her father’s scissor blade. Ryuko ends up in a school called Honnouji Academy, wherein, like any anime set in a school, there’s an incredibly powerful student council, with their magical and powerful Goku uniforms. 

These uniforms are made of life fibers, and they provide the characters with immense power. Our lead character also ends up with her own super-powerful dress, although by no choice of her own.

The uniform of Ryuko is called Senketsu. From there, Ryuko has to go against powerful members of the student council, including the student council president herself, Satsuki, who has a uniform called junketsu.

Kill la Kill Season 2

From resistance fighters to a romantic subplot with a fellow classmate, the anime is quite engaging. There’s even a midway introduction of new villains as well as the plot to destroy Earth. Kill la Kill is a treat thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

What To Expect From Kill la Kill Season 2?

If Kill la Kill 2 is made or picked up by another network then we can speculate a lot of things. It could focus on the return of Life FibERs, this time with a new cast of characters in the school, since the original protagonist got her ending.

If the season is greenlighted this year, we can expect a new season in the late months of 2024, however, that seems unlikely! For those who were not satisfied with just one season, there is an OVA epilogue for Blu-rays and DVD owners.

There is also a chance that the character might show up in another Studio Trigger show, as their universes are said to be interconnected. The world of kill la kill was revisited in the show Space Patrol Lulco, in episode 7. There is also a manga to be read by the same name, where certain things are quite unique.

Kill la Kill Season 2 Cast


Lastly, Kill la Kill season 2 is most likely not happening. However, the excellent anime is worth a watch anytime. If you are missing Kill la Kill then other anime like Revolutionary Girl Utema are worth binge-watching.

What are your thoughts on the ending of Kill la Kill? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment box below. Need more goodies like this? Stay tuned with us!

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